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A Series - the 2CV-based vehicles

1949 - 1990

2CV, Ami 6, Dyane, Mťhari, Ami 8, Ami Super and others

2CV Index
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Conqueror of the entire world

2CV Prototypes

2CV chassis numbers


2CV 1949 - 1951

2CV 1951 - 1954

2CV 1955 - 1956

2CV 1957

2CV 1958

1958 4x4 2CV Sahara

Autocar's 1958 review of the 2CV Saharienne

2CV 1959

2CV 1960

2CV 1961

2CV 1962

2CV 1963 - 1964

2CV 1965

2CV 1966

2CV 1967

2CV 1968 - 1969

2CV 1970

2CV 1971 - 1974

2CV 1975

2CV 1976

2CV 1977

2CV 1978

2CV 1979

2CV 1980

2CV 1981

2CV 1982

2CV 1983

2CV 1984

2CV 1985

2CV 1986

2CV 1988

2CV 1990

A Series production models overview

A Series technical specifications

Production figures

1975 Autocar Auto Test of the 2CV6

30 years of the 2CV - 1978 article from le Double Chevron

2CV PhotothŤque

2CV ASKA Modifiť cabriolet

2CV pickup

Cambodian 2CV pickup

2CV racing on water

An odd 2CV

2CV accessories

Dyane Pallas


La Vie en Bleu


Advertisements and other publicity

A 4x4 military vehicle

For Your Eyes Only - the 2CV played a leading role in this James Bond film

The Gauloises 2CVs and Dyanes

Groupement 2 CV cross - France

A series gearchange

Mid sixties dashboard and controls

Exploded views of the 2CV

Pictures of the 2CV factory

Camondo - the source of the 2CV Basket

2CV commercial vehicles

Ami 6 Prototypes

Ami 6

Ami 6 Entreprise

Spanish-built Dynam

Projet VP5 - Dyane




Ami 8

Ami Super

Spanish-built 8 and C8

Ami 8 Service

Slough-built 2CV

Slough-built Bijou

Spanish-built Dos Caballos

Slough-built 2CV pickup supplied to the Royal Navy

Baby Brousse










Saipa 2CV, Jiane and Baby Brousse Mehari

2CV Super prototype

2CV Hatchback

2CV Screensaver

British 2CV advertisements from the fifties and eighties

2CV Lease and buy back for American citizens

Argentine 3CV brochure

British Ami 8 advertisements

British Dyane dealer advertisements

British 2CV Dolly advertisements

British 2CV 'Tortoise' and 'From Here To Eternity' advertisements

Spanish 2CV advertisements

40th Anniversary of the 2CV 1948 - 1988 British brochure

2CV-powered Lohr FL500

2CV rehabilitated - by HermŤs

The Pretenders - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

A 2CV for 1990 as imagined in 1981

Line drawings of the 2CV - click to view/download high resolution versions
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