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2CV Index

The Gauloises 2CVs and Dyanes

Issue 70

In pursuing their promotional campaign based on a product also very much French, Gauloises cigarettes in 1982 drove five very special 2 CVs, built by the CitroŽn branch in Hamburg, through 35 German towns.

Above as (river) boat, the 2 CV that can swim, body made watertight, side floats, 990 cc marine engine in the boot. It crossed the Elbe at 6.2 miles h. Regulation requirements: navigation lights, life-buoy on the bonnet and names on the roof.

Above the “Traffic Warden” (two real parking metres on either side of the enlarged boot - one is never better served than by oneself)

Below the “Pullman” (extended by 20 inches, bar, chairs and smoking table, stereo unit).

Above the “Barbara-barbarie” 2 CV (organ chests with speaker and radio cassette unit, operated by outside crank handle)

Below the “Greet the artist” 2 CV with special blackboard effect covering (can be painted and the paint then removed with water) and palette shelf at the side.

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