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Cars manufactured outside France

Slough-built Six Cylinder (15 CV Traction Avant)

CitroŽn has over the years built specific models for markets outside Europe in local factories.

Although usually based on French market vehicles, some vehicles such as the Oltcit bore little relationship to any car in CitroŽn's range and were imported and sold alongside the parent company's products.


Fabricados en Argentina
Numerous models have been built in Argentina ranging from the 60s 2CV to the current C4 Sedan and C4 Lounge


Geproduceerd in BelgiŽ - Fabriquťe en Belgique - Made in Belgium
CitroŽn built most of its range in Belgium


Made in Brazil
CitroŽn builds cars for the Mercosur markets in Porto Real in Brazil including the C4 Lounge


Cambodian 2CV
The 2CV was assembled from CKD kits in Cambodia in the fifties


Auto France and CitroŽn Canada Ltd. sold a few cars in Canada


Fabricados en Chile
A three box version of the 2CV was built in Chile


Chinese CitroŽns
Numerous market-specific models are built in China including the C4 Lounge and the Donfeng C6


Baby Brousse
A sort of metal-bodied Mťhari


CitroŽn - a global company
Details of PSA Peugeot-CitroŽn's worldwide operations


CitroŽn Pony
A vehicle that was similar to the Baby Brousse was built in Greece


It means "lion" in Pharsi and was a version of the Dyane built in Iran along with a version of the Baby Brousse called Mehari and the 2CV


Saipa Xantia
The Xantia continues to be built in Iran


Proton Tiara
The Tiara is a Malaysian built version of the AX


H Van
Approximately 10 000 H Vans were built in the Netherlands between 1963 and 1970

Portugal, Guinťe-Bissau, Greece

2 CV-based FAF
The FAF project was based on the 2 CV and was intended to provide a solution to developing countries' automotive needs


The Romanian CitroŽn
the Oltcit was sold in some European markets as the CitroŽn Axel


A booted version of the C4
is manufactured in Russia


Baby Brousse
Another version of the Baby Brousse

South Africa

Made in South Africa/Vervaarding in Suid-Afrika
The GS was built in South Africa


Fabricados en EspaŮa
Capra and Edelweiss - a pair of Dyanes and the Spanish-built Ami 6 Break which was sold as Dynam


PSA Peugeot CitroŽn, Fiat and Turkish manufacturer Tofas Cooperation Agreement
to develop and produce small, entry-level light commercial vehicles

United Kingdom

Built in Slough
the most French of marques built anglicised versions of the Traction, 2 CV and D series

United Kingdom

The Africar was intended to provide a solution to developing African countries' transport problems

United Kingdom

2 CV-based Bedouin
The Bedouin was a FAF look-alike based on the 2CV

United Kingdom

Connaught GT
A souped-up ID

United Kingdom

Not only offered a replica of the Chapron cabriolet but also turbocharged the engine


Mehari Ranger
A version of the Mťhari was built in Uruguay between 1970 and 1982


Another version of the Baby Brousse


Tomos and Cimos
CitroŽns were built under licence by Tomos in Slovenia in the former Yugoslavia


CitroŽn in the USA
Although never built there, the company tried unsuccessfully to sell a number of models including the 2CV, Ami 6, D series and SM