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Motor Sport

CitroŽn Racing Team Historique
Rassemblement International de CitroŽn de Compťtition et Sportives

The DS in motor sport
an unlikely rally car you might think and yet the DS proved to be remarkably successful

London to Sydney Marathon
a win for Andrew Cowan in a Hillman Hunter but the moral victor in the 1968 Marathon was Lucien Bianchi in a DS 21

CitroŽn CX
The DS rally successes were a hard act to follow but the CX measured up to the challenge

They rally the Oltcit in Romania
The Romanian-built Oltcit (sold in Western Europe as the Axel) proved a successful rally car

ZX Rallye Raide 
Throughout the Nineties, the ZX Rallye Raid has dominated cross country rallying

Au revoir to ZX Rallye Raid
and Bienvenue to the Xsara and Saxo Kitcars 

Xsara WRC
Following the success of the Xsara Kit Car comes the Xsara WRC

Miscellaneous pictures of CitroŽn Motor Sports vehicles
Here are some pictures to keep you amused.

CitroŽn's 2002 Monte Carlo win
...is surrounded by controversy following the imposition of a two minute penalty for an "illegal" tyre change

Seven decades of motor sport
...and 2003 looks set to be another winning year for CitroŽn Sport

C2 CitroŽn Sport
Just like the ZX Rallye Raid which was launched several months before the more pedestrian versions, so our first sight of the new C2 is this body-kitted sports variant.

CitroŽn C4 WRC Hymotion
a hybrid WRC car

CitroŽn : a spirit of adventure
A brochure produced for the 2004 Rťtromobile

1976 Rallye du Maroc
The CX performed beyond expectations in this gruelling rally

1976 Rallye du Maroc
A pair of GSX2s up against much more powerful competition

1977 new colour scheme for CX rally team
Article from le Double Chevron 49

CX success in the 1977 London to Sydney Marathon
Article from le Double Chevron 49

To mark the 60th anniversary of the 1955 DS
3 icons, the original DS, DS 3 WRC and Sťbastien Loeb are joining forces with the DS brand to celebrate the anniversary of this legendary car and support the launch of the new brand'  All 3 icons will be in Monte-Carlo for the start of the 83rd Monte-Carlo Rally, and the DS 21 for the 18th Monte-Carlo Historic Rally.

Groupement 2 CV cross - France