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Ami 8
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The original dash (below left) used the steering wheel from the Ami 6 but this was revised in 1973 (below right)
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In addition to the Service light commercial, the Ami 8 was used as the basis for the M35 Wankel rotary-engined prototype in two door coupť form and as the GS-powered Ami Super.

In 1979, the Ami 8 was superceded by the Visa which had been launched the year before.

Right in Spain the Spanish-built Ami 8 was sold as the 8

Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1969, the Ami 8 was a face-lifted Ami 6 - far more conventional in appearance than that car - gone was the reverse-rake rear screen to be replaced by a fast back that looked as if it should be a hatchback.  The front end was generally cleaned up too.

Mechanically the car was much as before although in September 1969, the Ami 8 became the first A series to be fitted with front inboard disc brakes.

Above - Ami 8 flanked by Ami Super Berline and Break

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