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1967 - 1983

In January 1968 the Dyane 6 was launched, fitted with the 28 bhp 602 cm3 engine from the Ami 6.

In March 1968, the Dyane was replaced by the Dyane 4 – fitted with a new 435 cm3 engine developing 26 bhp.

In 1969, the Dyane 6 acquired an additional 5 horses – upping the power output to 33 bhp.

In 1978, the Dyane 6 acquired front disc brakes and the Acadiane light van was launched

In 1981, a limited edition series of 600 Dyane Capras and 750 Dyane Edelweiss were built in Spain.

In 1982, the German subsidiary built a pair of unusual Dyanes and 2CVs for use in a promotional campaign for the French cigarette brand Gauloises


By the mid sixties, CitroŽn's range comprised the 2CVAmi 6 and the D series .  The 2CV was beginning to appear both dated and somewhat spartan in comparison to the Renault 3 and 4.   

The Panhard concern had been taken over by CitroŽn and Panhard’s design team, under  Louis Bionier was tasked with the redesign of the 2CV since at that time, CitroŽn was working on a new mid-sized car

The Dyane was launched in 1967 – with a 21 bhp 425 cm3 flat twin inherited from the 2CV and a four light body.  As an option, the car could be fitted with a centrifugal Trafficlutch.

In 1970, the Dyane acquired side windows in the rear panels thereby turning it into a six light limousine. 

At the same time, the Dyane 6 power went up to 35 bhp.

In 1973, the door handles were mounted the other way up.

A new grille was fitted in 1975 and in 1976, production of the Dyane 4 ceased.

A version of the Dyane - renamed Jiane - or lion was built in Iran and Tomos and later Cimos built it in Yugoslavia and it was also built in Spain.

In 1977, 1 500 examples of the Dyane Cabane were manufactured.

In 1982, the Trafficlutch was no longer offered as an option.

In the summer of 1983, production of the Dyane ceased although the Acadiane soldiered on until July 1987.

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