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Aquatic 2 CV racing

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Richard Douglas-Green writes:

I took my children to Brittany about eight or nine years ago, I think it was the year of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the republic.We stayed near St Renan which is in westernmost Finisterre. We spotted a poster for 2CV racing on the local lake and couldn't miss the chance to see it. 

What happened was that we saw all these 2CVs (There must have been about twenty or so of them) which consisted of a 2CV body attached to a metal hull (Some even had wheels painted on the side of the hull!). My french friend told me that they were all built to the same specification with 2CV engines and gearboxes, and the transmission attached to a propellor. Apparently they had to be true to type to be able to race. ( I would assume they had dispensed with the handbrakes)

They shot around the lake like crazy and were great fun to watch. The noise was pretty impressive too.

A couple of years later I remember seeing on the local TV news here in Plymouth about one of them that had travelled over to Plymouth from Finisterre (I think it's abour eighty miles across the English Channel) to advertise the local french supermarket (Euromarché), so they must have been quite seaworthy as well.

That's about all I can remember but I would guess that if we had a contact in Brittany we would be able to find out if they were still going.

© 1998 Richard Douglas-Green and Julian Marsh