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2 CV Derivatives Ami 6

In the late fifties, CitroŽn's model line up comprised the 2 CV and the D Series, the former being designed to cater for the bottom end of the market and the latter aimed at the upper echelons. There was a yawning chasm between these two extremes and in the late 1950s, the company undertook a number of design studies including the Cocinelle and the C-60 in an attempt to plug the gap.

Based on the proven underpinnings of the 2CV but with a much less rustic body, the Ami 6, despite its somewhat odd appearance, sold well - especially in Break form.

Above and below Ami 6 Club also featured four round headlights

An ambulance version of the Break was supplied by the factory.  Designed by the Bureau d'Etudes, it was built by Filca.

The name, Ami 6, (    or "Love" in Italian) continued the punning humour of the DS (in French this means Goddess) and the ID (which means Idea). The interior borrowed the single spoke steering wheel, door handles and minor controls of the DS and could be fitted with the Trafficlutch.

The Ami 6 was the first car in the world to be fitted with rectangular headlights - a styling motif that would subsequently spread worldwide.

Above the Export version featured four round headlights  - this is a US market model.

Technical specification


2 cylinders
Air cooled
602 cc
20 bhp @ 4 500 rpm (1961 - 1964)
26 bhp @ 4 750 rpm (1964 - 1968
28 bhp @ 5 400 rpm (1968)
35 bhp @ 5 750 rpm (1968 - 1970)
3 CV fiscal horsepower 


Front wheel drive via 4 speed manual gearbox


Drums front and rear - front drums mounted inboard


Independent interconnected front and rear with horizontal logitudinal coils springs. Inertia dampers at each wheel and friction dampers.


Rack and pinion


125 x 380

Dimensions (Berline)

Length 3 870 mm
Width 1 520 mm
Height 1 490 mm
Wheelbase 2 400 mm
Front track 1 260 mm
Rear track 1 220 mm
Weight 620 kg

Maximum speed

102 kph (1961 - 1964)
110 kph (1964 - 1968)
112 kph (1968)
123 kph (1968 - 1970

A Break version was launched in September 1964 and proved to be more successful than the Berline - it looked less unconventional than the Berline and was also used as the basis for the Service van

Above and below for the US market, four round , sealed beam headlamps were fitted, together with different front indicators, a stainless steel grill and oversized bumpers.  The rear also featured these bumpers, four red lights and a different mounting for the licence plate.


Left the Ami 6 together with the other two vehicles in the range, the DS/ID and 2CV at the Paris Salon in October 1960

The Ami 6's target market was clearly women judging by the publicity photos.

Above and below the Tourisme version featured painted headlamp trims, fixed rear door windows and seats from the 2CV.

Above the Spanish version of the Ami 6 Break was called Dynam and had unique rear lights.

Above the rear lights were reworked in 1968 and were subsequently fitted to the 2CV 4 and 2CV 6.

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