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Ami 8

A reproduction of a July 1969 publicity brochure for the Ami 8 issued in Britain

This brochure is fairly typical of the era - left-hand drive cars are pictured but the negatives have been reversed to create apparent right hand drive cars - the giveaways are the airbrushed badge on the tailgate of the yellow break (it reads "8 imA"), together with the fuel filler on the nearside and the back to front gearchange pattern on the shot showing the dashboard.

The English is ungrammatical, poorly translated and even uses km in a brochure intended for pre-metric Britain.It is unclear precisely what message is being attempted to put across - the text is a series of non-sequiturs - it is a wonder that anyone in Slough ever agreed to issuing this brochure...

With the Ami 8 every day is a carnival, each work day a pleasure, each holiday a delight, every day a fiesta.

You are leaving with your wife to choose Christmas presents for the children.  The streets are lit up.  Its snowing. (sic)  But Ami 8 just laughs at the snow and ice.
The Ami 8 is always relaxed, no matter what the roads are like; you feel an extraordinary sense of security.  You buy lots of presents.  The children are going to be spoilt this year.  You also pick out a thousand things for the home.  "How on earth are we going to carry all this back to the house?" you're (sic) wife asks.
The Ami 8 is enormous.  There's even enough room for the Christmas tree.  You start off into the night, and Ami 8's powerful headlights pierce the dark and light your way.  Her wide sweeping wipers keep the creen clear of snow.  Ami 8 has superb visibility thanks to her broad, deep windscreen and rear window, and her three windows on each side.  Nothing escapes your eye, nor the eye of your Ami 8.

That wonderful day when you move into your new home.  That day when those dreams of comfort and well-being come true.
You invite your friends; a fire crackles in the hearth; they are delighted, if a little envious, to see you enjoying your happiness.  And still Ami 8 is the car of the occasion.  There she is in front of the house, the sun dancing off her bright body.
The children are playing inside her; for them she is a new home too.
You know, they may even be right, and deep down you are as proud of your Ami 8 as of your new home.  Citroen always continue to improve the comfort their cars offer.
In the Ami 8, only the suspension has not been improved.  It was already perfect on the Ami 6.  But heating and ventilation have been.
And the rear seat has been moved back for more leg room.  Each of the four doors has a stowage pocket and arm rest combined.  This is comfort designed with man in mind.

Your children are overwhelmed; their grandparents have just arrived in their Ami 8, their uncles in their Ami 8.  And their cousins?  In an Ami 8.  Everyone.  Their grandparents' is white.  "But grandfather said he wasn't going to drive anymore because his reactions were no longer what they used to be."
Uncle has a bright yellow Ami 8.  He has come up with his wife and four children.  It has taken all day because they live a long way away in the country, and Uncle is bent on telling everyone all about it: how they covered nearly 500 km without filling up, and without once feeling tired.
Their cousins have just arrived, and their Ami 8 is travel-worn after their drive through the forest.  Their car has shown her true colours over all kinds of roads, tracks and lanes.  Obviously they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The Ami 8 is a car which has been really designed for every imaginable taste and need.

© 1999 Julian Marsh