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D Series

1955 - 1975

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D Series brochures from all around the world

The birth of the Goddess

A Subjective View

DS Technical History

ID break estate cars


ID, D Spťcial and D Super

ID Technical History

The Chapron Cars

Official DS Publicity Photos

Cartes postales/postcards


The Chapron Usine (factory) cabriolets

DS Prťsidentielle

The Search For Speed

V4, V6 and V8 engines

Projet D29 And Design Studies For A New Nose and Steerable Headlamps

Robert Opron's Design Studies For A New Tail

The Gendarmerie Nationale used a fleet of supercharged DS in the late 1960s

London to Sydney Replica

The Restoration Of Bťbť

Four door DS Cabriolet by Heuliez

DS Wins 3rd Place In Car Of The Century Awards

The DS by Roland Barthes

1955 Paris Match photographs the DS19

1955 Autocar review of the DS19

1956 Autocar test of the DS19

1956 Autosport test of the DS19

1956 The Motor test of the DS19

1968 Fuel Injection brochure in French and English

1972 Car Magazine Giant Test of CitroŽn Safari up against the Peugeot 504 Family and Volvo 145

1972 article from le Double Chevron 29 regarding the Rallye du Maroc victory

1973 West German advertisement for the D-Spezial

The factories

1975 article from le Double Chevron 40 about the DS's last official sporting success - the 1975 Rallye du Maroc

Le Temps des DS - celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of the DS

1975 Autocar '4 way selecting secondhand' -
Jaquar XJ6, Rover 3500, CitroŽn DS, Mercedes 200-series

Anti-roll Suspension

DS Hydraulic Gearchange

The DS In Motor Sport

CitroŽn Sport Publicity

The 1968 London - Sydney Marathon

The English Goddess

Connaught DS GT

Sapelem supercharger

Dee-Ess Turbo Drophead

The DS up against its contemporaries in 1956

Pour Vous Cette Voiture Travaille Toute Seule

Reutter Cabriolet

There's Safety In Numbers

The DS Coupťs

British DS Advertisements

Australian advertisements

Dutch advertisements from 1958

British 1973 advertisement

South African advertisement for the DS20/5

American DS Advertisements

DS Coupťs photographed by Klaus Nahr

Books about the DS

Tony Stokoe DS PhotothŤque

The Iconoclastic View

DS Voted Product Of The Century

DS wallpaper for your Mac and PC

1970 Car Magazine article about fuel injection on the DS21 and Peugeot 504

1970 Italian advertisement for the D Series

1972 owner's handbook for the D Series

1972 article from le Double Chevron 29 regarding the launch of the DSuper 5 and the DS23 Injection

1973 Car Magazine Giant Test of CitroŽn DS23 up against the NSU Ro80 and BMW 520

Accessories for the DS and ID

Mike Cottingham's 'new' 1974 DS Pallas IE

1975 article from le Double Chevron 39 regarding the last DS

2005 50 Jahre DS