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Dee-Ess Conversions DS 23 Drophead and DS 23 "Turbo" Drophead

The DS 23 Drophead and DS 23 "Turbo" Drophead were offered in the UK in the late eighties by Dee-Ess Conversions

Dee-Ess Conversions Limited of Malvern, Worcestershire in England took DS saloons and rebodied them along the lines of the Chapron cabriolets

Using modern materials such as Composite GRP for the doors, boot lid, head rail and rear wings, the hood frame was to the original Chapron design.  Not quite an exact replica, the Dee-Ess Drophead did not employ the Break underpinnings used by Chapron.

It is not known how many vehicles were built but the catalogue suggested that any D saloon could be used as a donor vehicle.

Also on offer was a turbocharged DS 23 Drophead; fitted with a Garrett T2 turbo with swing wastegate control and mounted on a custom built manifold and using an intercooler, performance was considerably improved over the standard saloon:-


DS 23 Turbo

DS 23 carburettor

0 - 60 mph

10.0 seconds

16.5 seconds

30 - 60 mph (4th)

7.5 seconds

16.0 seconds

50 - 70 mph (5th)

8.5 seconds

15.5 seconds

Top speed


112 mph

© Julian Marsh 1999

Thanks to Graham Lane for saving the catalogue from oblivion