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CitroŽn in the USA

The American Adventure

Sales figures

2CV Lease and buy back

1955 DS19 brochure

1956 DS19 publicity

1956 - Tomorrow's car today!

1956 DS19 and 2CV publicity material

1956 DS19 publicity - Western Aviation

1956 DS19 - the car that's five years ahead

1956 DS19 Motor Sport -critical analysis of a remarkable car

1956 DS19 Sports Cars Illustrated

1956 road test reports from the experts

1956 Road & Track road test

1957 DS19 brochure

1957 DS19 + ID19 brochure

1957 ID19 brochure

1957 D Series technical bulletin

1957 test of the DS19 from Cavalier magazine

1958 Station Wagon and ID19 publicity

1959 DS19, ID19 and Station Wagon brochure

1959 D Series brochure

1959 ID19 publicity

1959 DS19 publicity

1960 Station Wagon brochure

1960 D Series publicity

1960 Dealers' advertising

1960 DS19, ID19 & Station Wagon publicity

1960 D range brochure

1960 The Salesman's Confidential Guide to the CitroŽn

1960 DS brochure

1960 publicity material sent in response to enquiry

1961 ID19 Station-Wagon Instruction Book

1961 ID19 Instruction Book

1961 ID19 Family Wagon brochure

1961 ID19 Station Wagon brochure

1961 Accessories

1961 Dealer's advertising and price lists

1961 and 1962 colours

Dealer lists and service points

1961 ID19 brochure

1961 Seal of confidence

1961 brochure

1961 A Car is a Must in Europe

1962 D Series publicity material

1962 Car and Driver test of the DS19

1963 catalogue

1963 advertisement

1963 D Series brochure

1963 D Series brochure

1963 For You Madam - Ami 6

1963 ID19 brochure

1963 warranty bulletin for dealers

1964 Wagon

1964 Quick Service Facts

1964 A car is a must in Europe brochure

1965 DS21 launch

1965 National Geographic advertisement

1965 Life magazine advertisement

1965 publicity postcard

Profile of the CitroŽn buyer

American D series brochures

CitroŽn Concours of America

CitroŽn Concours of America has been owned and operated by the Heilig family since 1980. The patriarch of the family, Hank Heilig, was educated as a Citroen mechanic at a CitroŽn dealership outside of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has been continuously working on CitroŽns since 1949.

2014 The New Yorker magazine cover

1965 DS19 Pallas brochure

1965 DS19 brochure

1966 Wagon brochure

1966 DS21 advertisement

1967 D Series brochure

1968 DS21 brochure

1968 ID19 brochure

1968 D21 Station Wagon brochure

1968 DS21 brochure

1968 Fifty Safety Features One Overall Concept brochure

1968 ID 19/DS21/Wagon brochure

1968 D range brochure

1969 Dyane 6 Mehari brochure

1969 all range export brochure

1969 D Wagon and DS 21 Pallas advertisement

1969 advertisement

1969 European Delivery Plan brochure

1970 DSpecial, DS21, DS21 Pallas brochure

1970 D series advertisement

1970 SM

1970 Dyane 6 Mehari brochure

1970 Dyane 6 Mehari brochure

1970 D series advertisement

1970 What owners say about Citroen

1970 Road Test DS 21

1971 D Sedans

1971 Prices and Specifications #1

1971 Prices and Specifications #2

1971 Station Wagon brochure

1971 European delivery plan brochure

1971 SM brochure

1972 D Series Owner's Manual

1972 Price List #1

1972 Price List #2 and color combinations

1972 D Series brochure

1973 A Harmony Of Opposites SM brochure

1980 Trend CX Brochure

1986 CINA CX brochure

1987 Cx Automotive brochure

1988 CXAuto brochure

1989 CXAuto brochure

1990 CXAuto XM Vitesse advertisement

US market three box XM sedan

CitroExpert, the Dutch, independent all-CitroŽn-magazine, celebrated its fifteenth birthday in November 2011.
After the demise of the French CitroŽn Revue, to which Wouter Jansen was a regular contributor, he and publisher Fred Jansz started CitroExpert in the autumn of 1996 making it the oldest surviving all-CitroŽn magazine in Europe.
The first issues, although full of articles of great interest, were perhaps a bit lean and modest. But that changed: fifteen years and 90 issues later reveals a mature magazine with as many different CitroŽn-related articles as there are CitroŽns.
To celebrate this birthday, a special issue on CitroŽn in the United States has been published. As it is nearly a century now since Andrť CitroŽn crossed the Atlantic in the SS France to visit New York thereby getting inspiration to become the most important car manufacturer in Europe in the twenties and early thirties.
The special issue on CitroŽn in the USA reveals many unknown facts and documents which are of interest to specialists as well as the general public. How Andrť CitroŽn set foot on American soil in June 1913 for the first time; the negotiations with General Motors to become a part of that conglomerate; the first official American distributor in 1921 and much more...

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