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CitroŽn XM

1989 - 2000

After an eleven year production run, production of the CitroŽn XM came to an end in June 2000.  I

ts short term replacement, the C5 is smaller and less idiosyncratic and is intended to replace both the Xantia and XM. 

C6 is the new 'haut de gamme' model and will take the marque up market.


XM Prototypes


UK European Car Of The Year XM Brochure


The 3 box sedans


XM a subjective view by CiarŠn Reilly

The headlamps problem

Technical specifications

Break Service

Driving the XM

Headlamps - the solution

1989 UK brochure

Hydractive suspension

XM - a glorious failure

Taking your RHD XM abroad?
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1990 Engineering Brochure


1994 French XM CT Turbo advertisement

XM Multimťdia

1991 Technical Specifications brochure

XM Ambulances

XM Corbillard (Hearse)

Lengthened XMs
Tissier CitroŽn XM V6 Majťstť, FourgonEME

1991 UK brochure

July 1990 Car Magazine test of Turbo Diesel

Gallery of press photos

Will there be a replacement for the XM?

1991 Dutch brochure

Series 3 XM

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