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CitroŽn XM Series 3

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Towards the end of the nineties, CitroŽn contemplated a third restyle of the XM.
This would have been a fallback position had the C6 not been given the go ahead.
The then corporate nose as fitted to the 'New Look' Xsara was grafted on to the XM shell and a C pillar was fitted with different treatment on each side since this was a styling mule.
The door handles were also replaced and new tail lights were fitted.
The end result, it must be said, does not represent any sort of improvement over Bertone's original...
Fortunately, the C6 did go ahead although between 2001 and 2005, the C5 tried to occupy the haut de gamme position.
This vehicle is housed in the Conservatoire.
The French magazine Citromania suggested this car dates from 1994 and was part of the Series 2 restyling exercise. However, it was not possible to confirm this since all the identifying plates were removed when the vehicle was 'officially destroyed'. My sources suggest this vehicle is later than this.

Below (images not clickable) the prototype has two different styles - the left side closely resembles the production XM while the right side is more ambitious and shares some of its styling cues with the Xantia.
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