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Citroën GS and GSA

1970 - 1981 (GS)
1979 - 1984 (GSA)

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Citroen GS and GSA

Projet G - the prototypes

GS overview part 1

GS overview part 2

GSA overview

Citroën GS Energetique by Jean-Pierre Lihou

Limited editions

GS Birotor

Editechnic drawings and schematics from official workshop manual

GS - built in South Africa/vervaardig in Zuid-Afrika

South African review of the GS1220

GS and GSA vans

GS 8.5 cwt van

GS advertisements

1970 launch brochure

1971 "Voiture Sans Frontières" brochure

1972 UK brochure

1972 convertisseur/C-matic semi-automatic transmission brochure

1973 GS 1220 Technical Description in French and English

1973 Autocar pictures of the newly launched, Portuguese-built GS 1220 on the TAP Rally route

1975 UK brochure

1977 French brochure

1977 British GS brochure

1978 UK brochure

1978 French & German publicity for the GS Basalte

1979 UK GSA brochure

1981 GSA Technical Description in French and English

GS Break Photothèque

GSA Photothèque

GS Coupé

1981 Car Giant Test Vauxhall Astra L-v-Citroën GSA Club-v-Peugeot 305GL

1981 Dutch brochure

1982 UK market GSA owner's handbook

1976 Rallye du Maroc

1975 Swedish GS brochure

1970 Édition Spéciale of le Double Chevron

1972 article from le Double Chevron re the launch of the GS1220

GSX, GSX2 and GSX3 - the 'sporty' GSs

GSX3 replaces GSX2 - article from le Double Chevron 52

Flat four engines

GS Ambulance

Technical specifications

Pictures of the GS being built in the Rennes la Janais factory

GS police car

Tomos and Cimos - the Yugoslavian GS

GS brochure covers

GSA advertisements

1972 English language brochure

1972 UK GS Estate brochure

1974 excerpt from Double Chevron announcing launch of X, X2 and Pallas

1974 UK brochure

1977 UK brochure

GS Photothèque

GSX3 Photothèque

GS Camargue and Ligier Coupé

M7 GS-based military vehicle

GS Buggy by Heuliez

GS 1220 Club Auto test

1973 Motor Twin Test Alfasud v GS

1973 UK advertisements from a hi fi magazine

1974 Autocar long term report

1974 Autocar buying secondhand

1975 What Car? GS compared with Renault 12 and Triumph Toledo

1976 Autocar Test Extra GS-X2

1980 Argentinian Citroën GS break brochure

1980 Argentinian Citroën GS Palas brochure

1980 Argentinian Citroën GSpecial brochure

1980 Argentinian GSA brochure

1980 Argentinian GSA brochure

1980 UK market GSA owner's handbook

Limited edition GSA Cottage Break

Model of a GS Coupé displayed at the Conservatoire

Car Magazine - Where's the progress? 1971 GSX3 compared with 1991 ZX Reflex