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The following Car Magazine Giant Test of the Vauxhall Astra L-v-CitroŽn GSA Club-v-Peugeot 305GL estate cars was originally published in the March 1981 edition and is reproduced with the kind permission of Car.

Giant Test

Vauxhall Astra L-v-CitroŽn GSA Club-v-Peugeot 305GL


Firm springing gives sharp precise handling. In performance terms it scores over the other two, the automatic choke starts the fiery 1.3S engine promptly. Pushed through the gears it can outrun the others.
Marginally the biggest stowage space with a 9.4 cwt payload. Spacious in front although a high brake pedal could cause problems and finding gears is sometimes hard.
Otherwise, controls are good. Seating is harder than its two rivals but, anatomically designed, is perhaps most comfortable. Details: good rear wash/wipe; large door pockets; effective bumpers. Conclusion: best for nippy loadcarrying; efficient, economical and spacious.

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