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CitroŽn in the USA


For You Madam

Marketing was directed at women in the USA.

The Ami 6 was proposed as a second car...

Right - June 1963 - presentation of the US market Ami 6

US Market Ami 6s were fitted with four round, sealed beam headlights since Federal regulations prohibited the fitting of the rectangular lights fitted in other markets.

Beneath the twin lights, round indicator (turn) lights were fitted and these were protected from parking nudges by full width over-riders specific to the American market.

At the rear, four round red lights (tail, brake and turn) were fitted, together with heavy duty nudge bars.

A different boot (trunk) lock was fitted. European models featured the number plate light within the lock housing but on US models, vertical licence plate lights were fitted.

A very few Ami 6 Wagons were exported to the USA.

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