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1987 CxAutomotive Brochure 
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Although CitroŽn pulled out of the North American market in the mid seventies, their products continued to be available to the cognoscenti, thanks to CxAutomotive Inc., a New Jersey based independent importer and manufacturer who maintained production facilities in the Netherlands, where the cars were substantially 'remanufactured' in order to meet the regulatory and market requirements of the United States market.  The cars were engineered primarily in the USA, with some proof of concept crash testing done in the Netherlands (in fact 3
vehicles were run into fixed barriers at 50-70km/hr and also rolled onto their roof, in order to verify the design of the re-engineering of the car to meet US safety standards.)

Eric Langman initiated the whole concept of homologating and marketing the CX line in North America, while still at University during the early 1980's.  His father (Malcolm Langman) provided 99% of the financing to get the
operation off the ground and make
CitroŽns LEGALLY available in the American market during the 1980's and
into the 1990's.  The coordination and management of the European side of their operations was performed by
Andrť Pol, now of CitroŽn Andrť.