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1988 CxAuto Brochure 
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Although CitroŽn pulled out of the North American market in the mid seventies, their products continued to be available to the cognoscenti, thanks to CxAuto, a Dutch outfit who remanufactured CitroŽns to ensure that they complied with US Federal rules.

CitroŽn were not happy with CxAuto and insisted that the CitroŽn name and double chevron logo be removed from the cars.  Despite CitroŽn's hostility, CxAuto has kept the marque's name and reputation alive in the USA and Canada.

This is CxAuto's 1988 brochure for the CX GTi, CX Prestige and CX Estate Wagon.

We invite you to discover the CX, the most extraordinary automobile in the world.
CX, the automobile which has established entirely new standards of luxury, performance and reliability, is now available here in America for the individual who wants the very best automobile there is.
Once you learn about the CX...once you drive it, once you experience it, your concept of what an automobile should be will change forever.
In terms of styling, driving, passenger comfort, safety and technological innovation. in almost every characteristic by which great automobiles are judged, the CX is truly new. It redefines the concept of automotive performance....and will lead you into the 21st century. Magnificently.
The distinguished heritage of CitroŽn.
The CX comes from the production lines of CitroŽn, acknowledged leader in automotive technology, and enjoys a heritage that is virtually unmatched in the industry.
Established in the early part of the century, CitroŽn is one of the world's major automobile manufacturers, and is held in universal esteem for its extensive list of significant automotive innovations.
Among these historic milestones are: front wheel drive (1934), unibody construction (1934), rack and pinion steering (1936), hydraulic suspension (1954) and true power disc brakes (1955).
The influence of CitroŽn's advanced engineering and design is apparent throughout the automotive world. What CitroŽn has introduced as "revolutionary" or "unique" has become the accepted norm 20 years later. More important than these individual triumphs, however, is the fact that today's CX represents an amalgam of this technology, refined to a level unmatched by its imitators.
At the CxAuto factory in Oisterwijk, Holland,the CX is finished to the highest quality standards by dedicated personnel of CX Automobiles, BV, who hold steadfast to the traditions of "custom-quality" production. Work on every vehicle starts with a 12-manhour quality inspection procedure. One key to such quality is the dedication of CX technicians. Just as important, however is their system of process control"  the maintenance of production quality to avoid all defects. (An idea slowly being accepted by an industry still worried about fixing defects after they occur.) This approach to quality control is taken in every area of CX production: electrical systems, frame components, fuel systems, exhaust components, and finishing details.
At the final stage of production, each completed vehicle is run through a half-day quality assurance program that includes test-track performance checks. Each vehicle's history is maintained on production/quality logs. And each CX is delivered to the dealer in perfect condition.
So reliable is the CX, that every car is covered by a comprehensive 5-year/50,000 mile warranty and a 5-year corrosion warranty.

The unity of technology and art.
As should be expected of any modern, high performance luxury sedan, the CX embodies such features as front wheel drive, fully independent suspension, ventilated anti-lock disc brakes, variable power steering, monocoque unit body construction, and more.
The superiority of the CX, however; results not from any one single feature, but from its total concept. It is a result of technology designed to attain the highest standards of driving performance, comfort and safety This has meant discarding many traditions and popular gimmicks, and designing, instead, an automobile replete with genuinely creative engineering ideas and innovative solutions.
For example, the CX has a hydropneumatic suspension system that provides a level of riding comfort and security impossible to achieve with steel springs. It has the longest wheelbase of any standard production car in the world, thereby providing interior space unavailable in any other standard size sedan. Its ergonomic design provides the driver with finger touch response and promotes a degree of driving enjoyment, safety and security never before attained.
Even the name "CX" reflects a specific aspect of its superiority. "Cx" is the notation used by engineers to denote the coefficient of drag; a measure of aerodynamic streamlining. (When the first streamlined CX design came out of the wind tunnel in 1975, the rest of the automotive world had barely begun to think about it.) It is, therefore, a name befitting the automobile which, along with its predecessors from CitroŽn, pioneered the concept of aerodynamic efficiency.
Equally important, the CX demonstrates convincingly that aerodynamic streamlining can produce a beautifully sculptured, flowing shape.
Modern design, however, requires more than low frontal drag. As important are low cross wind effects, efficient weight distribution for low center of gravity, minimum overhang beyond wheels, efficient internal volume, structural rigidity, passenger safety and reliability
The CX meets each of these criteria brilliantly It is a car whose design is truly timeless.

Power and performance.
In keeping with the performance potential of its body and suspen-sion design, the CX has been fitted with an engine that makes it one of the fastest sedans in the world. The inter-cooled turbo version, with 185 horsepower; can exceed 140 mph and accelerates 0 to 60 mph in less than 7.4 seconds. Even the naturally aspirated 2.5 liter engine delivers impressive low rpm torque.
As a result, the CX is capable of unusually rapid acceleration and is more flexible and enjoyable to drive than any other car of its size.
Most notable in this transversely mounted engine is its ruggedness. Its crankshaft, bearings, rods, crankcase and other components have been derived from a diesel counterpart, and are more robust than those used in most gasoline engines.
Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection and fully electronic ignition further enhance the performance and reli-ability of the CX engine. With mod-est care, it will last you well into the 21st century.
All CX naturally aspirated models are available with the highly regarded ZE automatic transmission which is noted for reliability smoothness and efficiency.  For the performance-minded driver; a 5-speed manual gearbox is also available. This transmission is silky smooth, with precise feel, and, because of the available low-end torque, offers tremendous flexibility.

Luxury interiors.
The interiorof the CX Prestige places this performance vehicle in the ultimate luxury class.  All CX models are equipped with the following as standard appointments: plush carpeting and  foot rests, sun visors at each window, reading and map lights, custom high fidelity sound systems, climate control, delay switches for interior lighting convenience, keyless (infrared) locks, automatic defrost controls, and more.
The CX Prestige, with large rear door access of 39", allows passengers full forward leg extension for maximum comfort. Standard on this model are the fine leathers which cover the entire seating area and door panels, a sun roof with tilt action, and cruise control.
The uniquely modern features of the CX Prestige are most apparent when seated behind the steering wheel.
Seats are a perfect combination of softness and support, and provide a high level of comfort while greatly reducing fatigue. Outward visibility provides a panoramic view without obstruction and great "immediacy" to the road in front.
A single-spoke steering wheel allows total viewing of instrumentation regardless of its position, and its collapsibility in event of impact can help assure driver safety. 
In the event of a frontal collision, the passenger compartment is protected by a structure that absorbs energy at optimal rates. Indeed, every aspect of the CX Prestige has been designed to meet the strictest safety standards.
Full analog instrumentation and warning systems provide quick and clear descriptions of the vehicle's operating condition.
All critical controls of the Prestige lighting, horn, wipers lie at your fingertips. Everything, including the steering, is activated at the touch of a finger. The varipower rack and pinion steering system of the CX provides a combination of driving ease and steering precision never before achieved. At the same time, a pressure-sensitive brake pedal produces enormous braking power. Besides minimizing driving effort, this significantly reduces critical braking response time in case of emergency.

CX Estate Wagon
The unusual beauty of the CX Estate Wagon is only part of its great appeal. There is much more to it than meets the eye. It drives over snow, for example, where other wagons cannot. As a cargo carrier its 1500 lb. capacity and 8-foot flat bed make it incredibly versatile. (The Family Estate carries eight passengers, in limousine-like seating, along with their luggage.) And no matter how you use it, the CX Estate Wagon will behave like a luxury, high performance sedan.
Hydropneumatic suspension assures constant road clearance and a smooth ride regardless Of the load. Front wheel drive provides stability, sure-footed road adhesion and a spacious cargo area. And the engine and brakes have power reserves to meet almost any unusual driving condition.
Its interior is in keeping with the luxury of other CX models, with fine velours (or leathers) on the seats, plush carpeting, a high fidelity sound system, climate control and much, much more.

Hydropneumatic suspension.
One of the most remarkable design features of the CX is its central hydropneumatic system (combination gas and hydraulic fluid) for suspension, steering and braking.
Steel springs, used in other auto suspensions today, date back to the horse and buggy, and move with a limited fixed velocity While this may have been satisfactory for the buggy, a high speed car traveling on a rough road may have its wheels more off the ground than on it. Through use of hydropneumatics, the CX resolves this prob-lem by utilizing a sphere of compressed inert nitrogen gas at each wheel for its suspension, allowing the wheels of the CX to remain totally compliant with the road's surface. This is because the compressed gas has more flexibility than steel, and allows the wheels to react more quickly to the road surface.
The result is that for sheer smoothness of ride and road-holding ability, no other auto compares. It literally floats on air! In addition, the hydropneumatic system of the CX provides for constant ground clearance regardless of the load, adjustable driving height to clear obstructions, automatic jacking for easier tire changing, and far greater durability. 

CX 25 GTI/Prestige/Estate

CX 25 Turbo GTI/Prestige


Vehicle Configuration

Front engine, transverse mounted, four door body

Body Construction

Steel unit body with full insulated subframe



4 cylinder inline with alloy hemi-head


2.5 liter

2.5 liter

Bore and Stroke

93 x 92 mm

93 x 92 mm

Compression Ratio

8.75 : 1

7.75 : 1


150 (SAE) @ 5000rpm

185 (SAE) @ 5000rpm


156 ft-lbs @ 4000rpm

217 ft-lbs @ 3250rpm

Redline RPM

Ignition cuts out automatically at 6,000rpm

Crankshaft Main Bearings



Fuel Type/Fuel System

Premium Unleaded/Bosch L-Jetronic EFI

Emission Controls

3 way catalytic convertor with lambda sensor

Cooling System Type

Liquid cooled with thermostatic control (twin fan)

Cooling System Capacity

8.3 liters

8.3 liters

Lubrication System Capacity

4.6 liters (5.3 liters w/filter change)

Ignition Type

Distributorless, Fully electronic w/two main coils



Front Wheel Drive W/Equal Length Drive Shafts


5-speed manual or 3 speed automatic

5-speed manual

mph/1000rpm in top gear

24.8 (5M)   21.8 (3A)

25.2 (5M)

Clutch Type

Single plate diaphragm, cable operated




Turns Lock To Lock



Turning circle between curbs

38'5" (GTI)  41' (Prestige, Estate)


Dual Circuit 4-Wheel Pwr Discs, Antilock Braking System.  Park Brake w/separate calipers & pads on FRONT wheels


10.5" Ventilated Discs, 4-piston calipers, brake pad wear indicators


9.25" Disc, ventilated on wagons, pressure limiter as a function of suspension load, brake pad wear indicators


Independent hydropneumatic on all 4 wheels.  Height correctors front and rear, suspension maintains constant ground clearance whatever the load in the vehicle.  Ride height is controllable from inside the car.

Front Geometry

Equal length leading arms maintain constant geometry through complete range of travel.  Anti-roll bar.

Rear Geometry

Trailing arms with anti-roll bar.

TIRES Michelin

195/70 R14 MXV
(190/65 HR390 TRX)

210/55 VR390 TRX


12V/300/60 Ah

12v/350/70 Ah


1080 watts

1080 watts


18 gallons including 2 gallon reserve


Curb Weight

3180lbs (GTI)  3330lbs (Prestige)  3360lbs (Estate)

Max. Loaded Weight

4320lbs (GTI)  43800lbs (Prestige)  4900lbs (Estate)


112" (GTI)  122" (Prestige and Estate)

Overall Length

15'3" (GTI)  16'1" (Prestige)  16'3" (Estate)

Overhang, f/r

41.5"/29.5" (GTI, Prestige)  41.5"/32" (Estate)

Ground Clearance

6" (non turbo)  5.5" (turbo)

Track f/r

60"/54" (GTI, Prestige)  60"/55" (Estate)

Overall Width



Overall Height

53" (GTI)  54" (Prestige)  57.5" (Estate)

Headroom f/r

38.5"/36" (GTI)  40"/38" (Prestige)  40"/41" (Estate)

Shoulder room f/r


Seating capacity

5 (GTI, Prestige)  8 (Estate)

Seat type f/r

Fully adjustable bucket/contoured bucket

Luggage capacity

18 cu ft (GTI, Prestige)  41/76.5 cu ft (Estate)

Spare Tire

Full size spare under hood for crash protection

Drag coefficient

0.33 (GTI) 0.34 (Prestige)  0.37 (Estate)

For complete information, contact CxAuto, Inc. 
P.O. Box 325, Lebanon, NJ 08833 (201) 271-9440