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ICCCR International CitroŽn Car Clubs Rally

A brief history of the ICCCR and the Amicale CitroŽn Internationale

(Adapted from a piece written by C. David Conway)

Amicale CitroŽn Internationale

The very first international CitroŽn meeting took place in 1973 at Porec in Yugoslavia, with around 700 cars. In 1974, the 2nd meeting organised by the Austrian Clubs and based on Vienna was called the ICCT (International CitroŽn Club Treffen). An informal meeting of delegates from the different countries decided that there should be a 2CV World Meeting in Finland in 1975, and the 3rd ICCCR for all models of CitroŽns would be in England in 1976. This was how the series of International CitroŽn Car Club Rallies started.

Later in 1974 a meeting of CitroŽn Club delegates from 17 clubs and countries was arranged at the CitroŽn headquarters in Paris. In the following years, meetings took place at each ICCCR to decide the location of the next meeting. The 3rd ICCCR took place in 1976 at the Royal Agricultural Society Showground at Kenilworth in Warwickshire, England. To maintain the continuity, it was decided that the rally being organised by the Traction Owners Club in Britain would become the 6th ICCCR with support from the CitroŽn Car Club and 2CVGB. 1327 Cars from 14 different countries were present at Knebworth in 1984.

In 1990 the Amicale CitroŽn Internationale (ACI) was established to supervise the ICCCRs and to maintain contact between clubs. Herman Sluiter from Traction Avant Nederland was treasurer and David Conway who had kept the organisation going on his own for the previous sixteen years was President. For the next ten years David also acted as Secretary, sending out regular newsletters to some ninety clubs around the world, and organising the annual meeting at the time of Retromobile in Paris.

In 2000, there was a change in outlook at CitroŽn. The Conservatoire was established and there was a realisation within CitroŽn that there was a world-wide organisation of enthusiasts for the CitroŽn marque, old and new, which had been ignored. Over a series of meetings the new ACI was established which, whilst maintaining its independence, would have a close relationship with CitroŽn for mutual benefit.

In 2004, at the 13th ICCCR in Interlaken, the new ACI was introduced at a meeting attended by more than 80 delegates. It was agreed that the ICCCR would take place at four-year intervals and that CitroŽn would provide financial and logistical support on this basis. The 14th ICCCR in 2008 was located at the Vallelunga racing circuit north of Rome in Italy, where the ACI meeting supported the British proposal to organise the 15th ICCCR in 2012.

ACI - bringing together the CitroŽn clubs of the world

12th ICCCR Amherst, Mass. USA

13th ICCCR Switzerland 2004

13th ICCR Interlaken Switzerland

15th ICCCR Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

16th ICCCR in the Netherlands

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