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13th ICCCR Switzerland 2004

Pictures from the 13th ICCCR in Interlaken, Switzerland

This year, we decided to combine our summer holiday with a trip to the ICCCR. The plan was to drive to Italy and spend a week at Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) and then to drive to Interlaken where we would spend a week.
The day before our departure, my XM's nearside dipped beam headlamp bulb decided to expire. A quick dash to the local dealer ensued since access to the headlamp bulb was next to impossible. The dealer had to remove four relays and unplug an electrical multiconnector and even then, it was a fiddly job. I took the car home and later that day, when I went out to start it, the engine management warning light came on and stayed on. Coincidence? Maybe. I called the RAC but the patrol just looked perplexed. I suggested disconnecting the battery to clear the fault codes which he did. The light went out immediately after restarting and the following day, we drove to the Channel Tunnel. In the queue for ticket checks, the light came on again. We decided to get it looked at on the continent. It extinguished itself after the restart in France.
That night, we stayed in a Eurocamp mobile home in Luxembourg. I asked the courier for details of a CitroŽn service agent on our route to Luzern and was given the name and 'phone number of Garage Etoile in Dudelange. I 'phoned and spoke to the owner and explained the problem and he suggested I call in the following day. The next day, we arrived at the garage and a rather nervous mechanic drove the car into the workshop - the first right hand drive car he had ever driven. Nexia was hooked up and diagnosed a bad connection in the turbo-ventilateur control wiring. He cleaned the connector and all appeared to be well. He cleared the fault codes too. The owner of Garage Etoile is a CitroŽn enthusiast and owns a Formule Bleue MEP. I asked him if he would be visiting the ICCCR and he said he hoped to. When I asked for the bill, he told me there was nothing to pay.

We drove to Luzern without any untoward illumination of the warning light and stayed overnight in a very pleasant if somewhat anonymous hotel after walking around the old town and doing the tourist thing.
The next day, we drove to Italy over the St. Gotthard Pass which has some spectacular views and is a much nicer drive than through the tunnel. We crossed the border into Italy and immediately the driving standards deteriorated. Italian driving standards are abysmal. And the smaller the car, the worse the driving. On the autostrade, straddling the lane markings is the norm, as is driving 5cm off your tail and overtaking on the right.
Horns and headlamps are used instead of indicators and a solid white line means you may overtake. Stopping at red traffic lights is optional. The technique for dealing with pedestrian crossings is to accelerate while sounding the horn at any pedestrian foolish enough to contemplate crossing the road. And things deteriorate after lunch.
The week in Italy was enjoyable despite the awful driving. We stayed in another mobile home and visited Verona and Venice and spent a fair bit of time lapping up the sunshine. After the week was up, we drove north to Interlaken crossing into Switzerland via the picturesque Susten Pass. In Switzerland, we stayed in another mobile home just a 5 minute drive from the ICCCR site. Our Dutch friends Arthur and Ellen came to visit several times and we visited the ICCCR several times with them.

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