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Pininfarina Osťe

Shown at Geneva 2001 - the Pininfarina Osťe is based on CitroŽn mechanical bits.

Italian carrossier Pininfarina chose the occasion of the launch of the C5 to present his idea of a prestigious top of the range car.

The architecture of the Osťe was unlike that of the C5 since the V6 three litre engine was turned through 90 degrees and mid-mounted.

Transmission was rear wheel drive.

The steering wheel was centrally mounted and there were two passenger seats mounted either side and slightly to the rear of the driver's seat.

Engine: Type:
Max power:
Max torque:
V6 24 valves
2 946 cm3
194 bhp @ 6 000 rpm
267mN @ 3 750 rpm
Transmission rear wheel drive via 5 speed ZF automatic gearbox with sequential change
Brakes ventilated discs front and rear
Suspension Hydractive III
Tyres Front: Michelin PAX 225-640 R 460

Rear: Michelin PAX 285-640 R 460
Dimensions Length: 4 150 mm

Width: 1 895 mm

Height: 1 156 mm

Front track: 1 600 mm

Rear track 1 612 mm
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