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CitroŽn C5 Aircross


CitroŽn is premiering at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show a New-Generation SUV: C5 Aircross. Directly inspired from the Aircross Concept, unveiled in Shanghai in 2015, it mixes an asserted design with an interior space focused on the well-being of each passenger: a “People Minded SUV”, human-oriented. With its flowing and muscled bodylines, the new C5 Aircross imposes its natural difference: a unique stance, conveying energy and self-confidence. With generous dimensions for all passengers, it benefits from the highest level of technology aiming to ensure a modern and global approach of comfort. C5 Aircross is a big milestone in the CitroŽn Advanced Comfortģ programme with the World Premiere of the “Progressive Hydraulic CushionsTM” suspension, delivering a unique smooth comfort of suspension that is typically CitroŽn. Scheduled for launch in China in the second half of the year, and at the end of 2018 in Europe, the new C5 Aircross is a major asset in CitroŽn's international offensive in 2017.

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Following the C-Aircross Concept presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, heralding the C3 Aircross SUV in Europe for the end of 2017, CitroŽn is continuing its offensive in the SUV segment with the global reveal of the new C5 Aircross. Targeting global markets, this SUV marks a new stage in the deployment of the Brand’s product strategy. The SUV trend has swept the world to account for almost one-quarter of global vehicle sales today. SUVs meet universal expectations in an aspirational and strong way, suggesting freedom and reassurance and relying on evocating and clearly defined markers, such as large wheels, muscled and protective design and this king-of-the-road feeling. CitroŽn gets into this trend that is bringing growth in every market in complete harmony with its own DNA.

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Attentive to the expectations of customers who no longer want to sacrifice convenience to image alone, CitroŽn is paving the way for a new generation of SUVs with more personality and ease of use for all passengers while maintaining all the conventional cues.

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With this car directly inspired from the Aircross Concept unveiled two years ago in Shanghai, the Brand is once again demonstrating its capacity to make a statement of its unique identity and to renew established cues in any segment: CitroŽn offers here a real signature in the universe of SUVs.

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The styling of the new C5 Aircross is entirely in line with the Aircross Concept unveiled two years ago at the Shanghai Motor Show. The concept was applauded for its colourful personality, unique stance and bright interior. Its styling and size (4.50 m long, 1.84 m wide, and 1.67 m tall) place C5 Aircross at the core of the C-segment SUVs.

The new C5 Aircross refreshes established cues on this segment with a stance that is powerful and decisive without being aggressive. Its character is expressed in its overall balance, tall bonnet and horizontal waistline parallel to the road, covering the generous contours and flowing, organic forms. The new C5 Aircross conveys a sense of confidence and dynamic energy, a calm strength without arrogance: a new form of expression in the highly codified world of SUVs.

With its floating roof and the continuous line formed by the 360į windows, with the black windscreen pillars and quarter windows flowing seamlessly into the rear window, the C5 Aircross has a strong, contemporary, stylish identity.

The wide, imposing front end clearly expresses the identity of CitroŽn, with the presentation of the chevrons and the full-LED layered light signature on the prominent grille. The upper lamps with the daytime-running lights and indicators are picked out in chrome while the lower lamps are set into the grille, giving the C5 Aircross a modern, expressive look.

The long, tall bonnet with its marked contours immediately brings to mind the Aircross Concept, highlighting the robust strength and durability of this protective, go-anywhere vehicle. The lower part of the front bumper includes cleverly positioned protection, while the smooth, flowing design lines continue the gentle, monolithic lines of the body.

The powerful, robust lines of the body include an array of strong graphic features contributing to functionality.

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- Among the SUV fundamentals, the protective panels on the lower body and wheel arches are enhanced with the graphic contours of the Airbumpģ, including a splash of colour and bringing modernity and character to C5 Aircross.

- The glazing line is highlighted by a "C" chrome-finish signature, providing the personality of the C5 Aircross and reflecting its interior space. Like a nod to the Aircross Concept, this lateral signature endows the C5 Aircross with an original profile.

- The four 3D LED oblong modules making up the relief of the rear lights at each side constitute a turning-heads light signature, both graphical and technical. Easily recognisable, striking and eye-catching, it emphasises the width of the car.

- The new C5 Aircross makes a statement in personalisation. The range of exterior colours on the C5 Aircross showcases the status and personality of C5 Aircross: the timeless Pearl White, Perla Nera Black, Platinium Grey and Squirrel Brown, and above all Volcano Orange, a new bold, attractive shade close to the colour of the Aircross Concept. Two bright and fashion metallic touches are available to bring more personality and elegance: red or silver. These subtle touches playing the contrast with the exterior bodywork underline the roof bars, adding refinement and elegance to the floating roof. This colour is also present on the lower air intakes of the front bumper and the Airbumpģ on the front doors.

- The scoops on the front and rear bumpers, and the rear spoiler, underline aerodynamic body lines, further enhancing the expressive, dynamic character of the C5 Aircross.

Sitting squarely on its large 720 mm diameter wheels, the new C5 Aircross is ready to leap. It ships with a choice of 17, 18 or 19-inch wheel rims, the two largest being diamond-cut for an executive finish with real visual impact.

"Faithful to the Aircross Concept, unveiled two years ago here in Shanghai, the C5 Aircross is CitroŽn's take on the SUV world. Featuring our clearly identifiable style markers, it is a powerful, modern vehicle whose unique stance sets it apart on theSUV market."
Alexandre Malval, CitroŽn Design Director

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The cabin of the new C5 Aircross conveys a strong suggestion of comfort as soon as you open the doors: a high driving position to dominate the road and showcase the driver, and a stylish, welcoming, interior whose graphic design is coherent with the exterior styling. Adopting the same formal language as the cabin of the Aircross Concept, the C5 Aircross is stylish, practical, and functional. This SUV expresses CitroŽn’s DNA in full.

- Generous, open forms for a spacious, well balanced interior that never overlooks functional aspects. Curved, flowing lines contrasting with technical features of strongly marked graphics, such as the dashboard where the double air vents at the top of the supple strip further underline the strong, muscular character of this SUV. On the driver's side, a 12.3-inch TFT digital cluster. In the centre, the air vents and 8-inch HD capacitive touch screen with its touch control strip form a perfectly integrated unit, further underlining the perceived robust strength and modern design of the dashboard. Showcased by their chrome and black-lacquer trim, these air vents reflect the level of thermal comfort and are a signature feature on the SUV by CitroŽn.

- A tall, wide central console with comfortable materials and generous storage. A characteristic feature in the SUV segment occupying a prominent position in the cabin, the central console includes a wide armrest with an array of practical, attractive storage compartments.

- A graphic design that plays on the concept of transversality, to suggest space and comfort. The new C5 Aircross adopts the sofa styling of the C4 Cactus but approaches it in a new way, in keeping with the world of SUVs. Transversality is suggested by strong sense of graphic continuity with a coloured strip at the top of the seats, adding a touch of refinement and distinction.

- A cabin bathed in light thanks to the generous opening panoramic sunroof and the 360į glazing line, creating a pleasant impression of space and comfort for all the occupants.

- Typically CitroŽn colours and materials, tailored to the SUV segment. The materials are attractive, pleasant to touch, and generously padded in the areas where they come into contact with the driver and passengers. The C5 Aircross ships with a wide choice of materials, from cloth trim to Nappa leather, personalising the interior ambience to suit the customer's wishes, from casual to executive. The seats of the C5 Aircross feature identity-shaped topstitching, an interior signature for CitroŽn vehicles, creating a visual contrast and underlining the impression of comfiness. This pattern can also be seen on the door panels with their original chrome-finish inserts.

- Inspiration from the world of travel and luggage. Introduced on the C4 Cactus and adapted in a variety of forms from one segment to the next, particularly on the C6 launched in 2016 in China, this idea is illustrated on the C5 Aircross by the chic, redesigned door handles, and by the strap on the dashboard strip, facing the passenger.

The opulent, generous interior of the C5 Aircross was designed for a simple, relaxed driving experience. It reassures the occupants through its rational layout, intelligent design and quality of build.

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A perfect alliance between comfort and technology, the new C5 Aircross is a standard bearer for the CitroŽn Advanced Comfortģ programme. A modern, global vision of comfort that dictated all the choices made during the development process to take account of the many aspects of on-board comfort: physical and mental, static and dynamic, visual and audio.

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A world first: the “Progressive Hydraulic CushionsTM” suspension

The C5 Aircross premieres CitroŽn's new “Progressive Hydraulic CushionsTM” suspension. CitroŽn's expertise in running gear is well established. The ability to develop comfortable suspension systems has been part of the Brand's genes for 98 years. Over the years, customers have become attached to the comfort delivered by CitroŽn, which is unlike anything else on the market. Drawing upon its experience and the know-how of its engineers, CitroŽn has developed a new suspension system whose aim is to improve damping quality while maintaining the CitroŽn characteristics appreciated by Brand customers. Twenty patents have been filed as part of the development of this new suspension system. The principle of operation is simple. Whereas a conventional suspension system is made up of a damper, a spring and a mechanical stop, the CitroŽn system adds two hydraulic stops – one for rebound and one for compression – on either side. In this way, the suspension functions in two steps, depending on input:

- With slight compression and rebound, the spring and damper control vertical movement together without applying the hydraulic stops. However, the presence of these stops increases the vehicle's freedom of movement, creating a "flying carpet" effect, as if the car were flying over bumps and dips in the road.

- In the event of greater compression and rebound, the spring and damper work together with the hydraulic compression or rebound stop, which gradually slow down the movement, thereby avoiding sudden jolts at the end of travel. Unlike a conventional mechanical stop, which absorbs and then partially restores energy, the hydraulic stopabsorbs and dissipates this energy. As a result, there is no rebound.

Thanks to this innovative solution and the EMP2 platform, which is famous for its comfort and driving pleasure, the C5 Aircross sets sovereign standards in comfort.

"With C5 Aircross, CitroŽn embodies the implementation of its international product offensive in the SUVs: an energetic and powerful design, and the world premiere of the suspension with Progressive Hydraulic CushionsTM, a CitroŽn exclusivity, at the heart of the CitroŽn Advanced Comfortģ programme, bringing unrivalled comfort to the greatest number and underlining the reference expertise of the Brand in terms of on-board well-being.” Xavier Peugeot, CitroŽn Product Director

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High quality seats for all the passengers

The wide, thick seats with their welcoming backrests invite passengers to step on board the C5 Aircross to enjoy an original travelling experience in exceptional comfort. Dominating the road with their raised position, these seats are designed for support and comfort. Passengers feel as if they were relaxing in armchairs, insulated from the road. Along with heating, the front seats are available with an advanced multipoint massage system using eight pneumatic chambers in the backrest. With five massage programmes, this system lets the driver and passenger each select the type of massage they require.

The rear passengers are privileged, with welcoming and generous seats, whose backrest rake of 27į allows everyone to travel in a great comfort, but also a wide armrest with retractable cup holders, and a knee room at the best level of the segment.

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