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Citroën SM Espace by Heuliez, Opéra and Mylord by Chapron, Heuliez restyle, Ligier JS2, Frua SM and Tissier 'Mille Pattes'

In 1971, Heuliez showed the SM Espace which was fitted with a two-part roof which retracted into a central bar to provide the necessary rigidity.

Above Citroën originally intended the SM to be available as a four door saloon but due to the company's poor finances, this car was never given the go ahead.
Above and below are the Heuliez proposal.
Below scale model of another Chapron proposal which never entered into production
Above Opéra

Heuliez also showed this 'pickup' SM - below
Above another Heuliez proposal
Above and below Chapron's Opéra did go into limited production
Left and above Chapron Mylord drophead
Above - the SM-based Tissier "Mille Pattes"
Below - Mylord (left) and Opéra (right)
Above - Chapron Mylord
Below - Chapron Opéra
Above - Yves Dubernard of Heuliez worked on a restyling of the SM but this never went beyond the stage of drawings.
Above - the Ligier JS2 - originally powered by a Ford V6, it received the SM powerplant in 1971, initially in 2,7 litre guise and later the 3 litre. The JS2 was styled by Pietro Frua and sold in small numbers until 1975.
Pietro Frua was also responsible for the SM Frua shown in 1972 (above) and (left) where it is shown alongside the standard production version.

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