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CitroŽn Types AC 4 and AC 6 (C4 and C6)

1928 - 1932


The Type AC 4 (above left) was launched in 1928 in the Paris Salon as was the six cylinder AC 6 (left) both of which shared similar styling, albeit that the AC 6 had a longer bonnet than its four cylinder sibling.

The AC 4 was available in a variety of body styles including Berline Luxe, Conduite Interieure Luxe, Familiale Luxe, 2 & 4 seat Cabriolet Decapotable, 2 & 4 seat Faux Cabriolet, Torpťdos and Taxi. The AC 6 was also available as a Coupť de Ville.

In 1929, both vehicles were modified and renamed C4 and C6 and with a number of further modifications remained in production until 1932.

Type AC 4

Type AC 6

Number of cylinders



Cubic capacity

1 628cm3

2 442cm3

Bore and stroke

72 x 100mm

72 x 100mm

Power output

30bhp @ 3 000 rpm

45bhp @ 3 000 rpm


Rear wheel drive via three speed gearbox


Foot operated pedal operating on drums front and rear with Westinghouse servo


Front : semi elliptical springs
Rear : semi ellipticalelliptical springs 


Worm and roller

Top speed

80 kph

105 kph

Above C4, C6 and B2 pictured outside the Conservatoire

1932 C6 G roadster above

In 1930, the C4 III was introduced with an increased top speed of 90 kph while the C6F had a top speed of 105 kph and was fitted with "Moteur Flottant" flexible engine mountings.

In 1931 the C4 III was superceded by the C4F also fitted with the "Moteur Flottant" mountings and an improved version of the C6 - the C6F "CGL" was also launched.

In 1932, the C4G with an engine of 1 767cm3 developing 32 bhp @ 2700 rpm was launched and the C6G was also launched with an increased engine capacity of 2 650 cm3 developing 50 bhp @ 2700 rpm.

Below - C4

Above C4 chassis

Above Labourdette cab-cabriolet

Above C6F Torpťdo

Below C4 chassis

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C6 below

Above - C6 CGE tourer
Left - 1928 C6 CGE tourer

Below - C6

Traction Avant overtaking a pair of C6s above

Below and above C6 CGL (CitroŽn Grand Luxe) Daninos

Above C6F 

Below C6 bus