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CitroŽn 7UA and 11UA

1935 - 1939

For those customers who found the complexities of the Traction Avant off-putting, CitroŽn continued to build two rear wheel drive models based on bodywork of the 10 . The 7UA used the engine from the Traction 7C while the 11UA used the engine from the Traction 11.

These cars were built from 1935 until 1939. A diesel variant (11UD) was built in 1937.

The 7UA and 11UA shared similar bodywork although the 11UA was a conduite intťrieure (6 light) whereas the 7UA below was a four light.

7UA 11UA

Number of cylinders

Four Four

Cubic capacity

1 628cm3 1 911cm 3

Bore and stroke

72 x 100mm 78 x 100mm

Power output

35 bhp @ 3 500 rpm 42 bhp @ 3 500 rpm


Rear wheel drive via three speed gearbox


Foot operated pedal operating on drums front and rear


Front : single quarter eliptical springs
Rear : twin quarter elliptical springs with shock absorbers 


Worm and roller Worm and roller

Top speed

95 kph 100 kph

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