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* In some markets, the vehicle is called Dispatch


The New CitroŽn Jumpy is the ideal partner for professionals looking for a work tool that makes their everyday lives easier.

Ingenious, modern and functional, the New CitroŽn Jumpy features:

  • Moduwork: providing a flat floor thanks to a special partition and the modular design of the side passenger seat in raised position. Accompanied by an anti-slippage net on the side of the driver's seat, Moduwork extends the load length by 1.16 m. It transforms the New Jumpy cabin into a true mobile office with the central arm rest lowering to provide a pivoting tablet with an elastic and adhesive strip to keep objects (such as PCs or tablets) in place. In addition, special supports for smartphones and tablets are available as accessories;

  • hands-free sliding side doors: a real exclusive in the segment, the hands-free function allows drivers to open the side doors contact free. With a simple movement of the foot under the corner of the rear bumper, the vehicle unlocks and the sliding side door on the relevant side opens automatically. The same movement serves to lock the door or the vehicle when leaving the vehicle. This function simplifies loading and unloading for drivers when their hands are full;

  • 250į swinging doors: available as an option on the XL version (5.30 m), they do not infringe on pavement space when parking kerb-side. They also make moving around the vehicle easier;

  • wooden trim kits (optional or plant-assembled). Consistent with the needs and activities of each professional, the New Jumpy vans are available with two types of trim: unfinished wood and coated wood (anti-skid and protected by aluminium deflector strips, waterproof and easy to wash). Several combinations of kits are available for protecting the load area and the trim on the complete height of the sides as well as the wheel arches;

  • a range of towing hooks (optional and plant-assembled) including the current distribution box and able to tow trailers of up to 2.5 tonnes;

  • numerous storage compartments. The front of the cabin is home to a lower glove box with a jack, 12V socket and USB socket, a large storage space under the passenger seat ideal for shoes or construction helmets, cupholders on both sides of the dashboard, a central upper storage area, and two door bins large enough for 1.5 l bottles.

Welcoming interior
The interior of the New CitroŽn Jumpy is inspired by passenger cars while remaining adapted to professional use so that each trip is efficient and accomplished in complete peace of mind.
The slightly raised dashboard inspires a feeling of reassurance. Combined with the high-set and relaxing driving position, it gives drivers a commanding view of the road. The dashboard was designed so that drivers have everything at their fingertips and in their line of sight, including the instrument cluster (with its graphic and contemporary dials), the 7-inch touchscreen, heating controls, storage areas and the buttons for the motorised sliding side doors.
The seats are upholstered in robust materials for top-level comfort. The New Jumpy is available with several types of upholstery depending on the version, including a cloth trim with a graphic design (Mica), a polyurethane coated fabric, and a half-polyurethane coated fabric/half-cloth option (Silica).
The van and double cab versions of New Jumpy are equipped with non-removable load stops (compliant with European ISO 27956 regulation on load safety and passenger protection in the event of load slippage). As an option, it is available with an alternative to conventional partitions, the "Comfort" partition. This new feature ensures the safety of occupants and also brings them extra comfort through the use of a foam providing more thermal protection and soundproofing than regular partitions. In addition, the Comfort partition's light cloth coating and polycarbonate window bring the cabin more light and serenity. And for extra physical well-being, the partition increases the reclining angle of the driver's seat by 8.5į and rearward seat travel by 40 mm (depending on the seat setting) compared with a conventional partition.
Optimal ride comfort
Whatever the road surface, the New CitroŽn Jumpy boasts top-notch ride comfort thanks to its running gear, which provides ultra-precise steering while retaining excellent damping. The New Jumpy is equipped with a reinforced Pseudo MacPherson front axle with an anti-roll bar and a new oblique-wishbone rear axle, making it possible to support a payload of 1,400 kg. The axles can be mated to a 4x4 transmission (conversion by Dangel).
For the softest filtering and road feel, the New Jumpy is fit with a filtered cradle comprising two optimised articulations to limit road impact. In addition, for maximum comfort loaded or unloaded, the springs feature variable stiffness and the shock absorbers are load-sensitive, a "passive" system that adjusts springing and damping to the vehicle attitude.
Together, the two axles deliver a perfect combination of road behaviour and ride comfort, loaded or unloaded, while offering top-flight driving pleasure considerably superior to the segment norm.


Easy, relaxed driving

In addition to the useful everyday functions such as keyless entry and start-up and hands-free sliding side doors, the New CitroŽn Jumpy features the following technologies that make driving easier:

  • the new 7-inch tablet for controlling all the media, telephone and navigation functions, featuring a capacitative touchscreen for effortless, fingertip precision.

  • the Mirror Screen function, enabling motorists to enjoy their smartphone apps on the 7-inch tablet in complete safety. The function is compatible with Apple CarPlayTM and MirrorLinkģ technology;

  • CITROňN Connect Nav, the new 3D navigation system, touch-controlled and connected in real time. The new-generation system is controlled via voice recognition or the 7-inch touchscreen. CITROňN Connect Nav comes with connected services such as TomTom Traffic, for real-time traffic info, service-station and car-park localisation and prices, weather information, and a local point-of-interest search function. Users will also appreciate the danger zones option, informing them with visuals and sounds of accident-prone and danger areas (service available in all European countries apart from Switzerland). CITROňN Connect Nav also comprises the Mirror Screen function.

  • Head-up display, allowing drivers to consult essential driving information (actual and recommended speed, cruise control/speed limiter setting, navigation instructions, and collision risk alerts) on a transparent panel in their direct line of vision while keeping their eyes on the road. This is a major first for a vehicle in this segment.

  • automatic beam function. This system switches between high and low beams depending on traffic, based on the detection or non-detection of other vehicles. The system activates at night at speeds of over 25 km/h and deactivates under 15 km/h.

  • Top Rear Vision. With this exclusive system, the rear camera sends a reconstituted image to the 7-inch touchscreen of the area behind the vehicle with a 180į seen-from-above angle. When the vehicle nears an obstacle, the system zooms in on the area behind to provide a more precise display of the remaining distance. A conventional reversing camera with a display in the interior rearview mirror is also available, as are front and rear park assist sensors.

  • Grip Control, an upgraded anti-skid system that optimises wheel grip consistent with the road surface. Grip Control can be combined with the Construction Site Pack (bigger payload, 20 mm higher suspension, protective plate under the engine) enhancing the traction of New Jumpy on rough terrain, including construction sites, tracks and dirt roads.

Technologies for safety

The New Jumpy is packed with technologies to anticipate events and provide assistance as part of a safe and relaxed driving experience. It is equipped with:

  • a speed limiter: road sign reading and recommendations. This all-new system works using a camera in the upper part of the windscreen and supplements the data from the optional navigation system. It provides drivers at all times with information on current traffic limits. When the camera detects a speed limit sign, drivers can touch a button to accept a speed recommendation and use it as a basis for their cruise control/speed limiter settings;

  • the Active Safety Brake, which serves to reduce physical harm to passengers by braking in the driver's place, based on information from the multifunction camera on the upper windscreen, in the following cases:

    • 0 to 30 km/h: preventing collisions with moving or stationary obstacles or pedestrians.

    • Above 30 km/h: reducing speed before impact.

  • the ultrasonic blind spot monitoring system informs drivers if a vehicle is present in their blind spot via an orange light in the angle of the door mirror. Comprising 4 sensors located in the front and rear bumpers, the system is active between 12 km/h and 140 km/h;

  • adaptive cruise control, enabling drivers to let the vehicle adapt to the speed of the car in front. It is able to reduce the vehicle speed to 20 km/h, working purely on the accelerator and not the active brake. The system is particularly well adapted to heavy but moving traffic, typical of motorways;

  • Collision Risk Alert (CRA). This system informs drivers of situations of imminent collision risk so that they can react. A sound and visual alert activates just before the activation of automatic braking. The system activates at two thresholds:

    • Criticality level 1: orange alert informing drivers that they are too close to the vehicle in front.

    • Criticality level 2: red alert informing drivers that they must brake;

  • the lane departure warning system (LDWS), which alerts drivers when the vehicle crosses a line marking with the indicator off. The system detects involuntary crossings of road lines (continuous or dotted) and alerts the driver with a sound signal and a visual display on the instrument cluster;

  • the Driver Attention Alert system. This system monitors the behaviour of the driver via the multifunction camera, located on the upper part of the windscreen, while recording the frequency of lane-marker crossings. If their vigilance should lessen, drivers are alerted by a sound and visual signal;

These intelligent technologies make the road safer, ensuring that driving more than ever remains an enjoyable, relaxing experience.

5 EuroNCAP stars

The New CitroŽn Jumpy scored the maximum 5-star rating in EuroNCAP tests. The result acknowledges the efforts that went in to the car’s development, along with the presence of a comprehensive set of comfort and safety equipment and the new model's latest-generation modular platform.


The New CitroŽn Jumpy is available with seven powertrains, all featuring diesel engines from the BlueHDi family. This new generation of engines, launched by CITROňN in late 2013, considerably cuts nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions while reducing CO2 emissions thanks to an innovative exhaust line comprising:

  • an oxidation catalyst located at the engine exit to eliminate the hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) produced by combustion,

  • a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) module, positioned ahead of the particulate filter to transform, via the injection of Adblueģ* (a water/urea mix), up to 90% of nitrogen oxide (NOx) into water vapour (H2O) and nitrogen (N2), both inoffensive,

  • an additive particulate filter, launched in a world first by PSA PEUGEOT CITROňN in 2000, to eliminate 99.9% of particulates in number.

The innovative and unique exhaust line architecture is structured by a precise layout of technologies. The SCR module positioned ahead of the additive particulate filter is the only post-treatment system capable of reducing NOx emissions by up to 90% while cutting CO2 emissions by up to 4%.

The diesel engines powering the New CitroŽn Jumpy deliver the following combined-cycle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (XS length):

  • BlueHDi 95 manual (70 kW - 210 Nm at 1,750 rpm): 5.5 l/100 km and 144 g/km of CO2

  • BlueHDi 95 S&S ETG6 (70 kW - 240 Nm at 1,750 rpm): 5.2 l/100 km and 135 g/km of CO2

  • BlueHDi 115 S&S 6-sp manual (85 kW - 300 Nm at 1,750 rpm): 5.1 l/100 km and 133 g/km of CO2

  • BlueHDi 120 S&S 6-sp manual (90 kW - 340 Nm at 2,000 rpm): 5.3 l/100 km and 139 g/km of CO2

  • BlueHDi 150 S&S 6-sp manual (110 kW - 370 Nm at 2,000 rpm): 5.3 l/100 km and 139 g/km of CO2

  • BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 (130 kW - 400 Nm at 2,000 rpm): 5.8 l/100 km and 151 g/km of CO2

*Adblueģ is stored in a 22.4-litre tank, an amount providing a range of 15,000 km. The tank is filled via a flap at the front of the vehicle next to the driver side sill.

Controlled running costs

The new variant of the EMP2 platform benefits from all of that platform's advantages, enabling the integration of BlueHDi family diesel engines. These latest-generation engines combined with an aerodynamic vehicle body and controlled mass (100 kg to 300 kg lighter than other vehicles in the segment with the same power) deliver the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the segment.

In addition to optimised fuel consumption, the engines help to reduce running costs, with a servicing interval of 40,000 km or two years*.


Like its predecessor, the New Jumpy can be converted by our partner coachbuilders in line with the desired use of the vehicle.

To enhance CitroŽn's offer, which, while broad, cannot respond to all the most specific needs of private individuals and professionals, partnerships have been set up with coachbuilders and specialist converters to provide an adapted response to each need.

Our "coachbuilder relations" team worked from the start of the project with the main coachbuilders to make sure that the New Jumpy was compatible with the conversions envisioned in addition to the manufacturer's offer.

4x4 by Dangel

Having equipped over 40,000 vehicles with a 4x4 system since 1980, Automobiles Dangel is a leading European player in the 4x4 segment and has worked with the PSA Group for over 35 years. The New CitroŽn Jumpy follows on from the 4x4 offer initiated by the previous generation in the compact van segment.

For the New Jumpy, the 4x4 conversions carried out by Automobiles Dangel can be made on vehicles with 2-litre engines and manual gearboxes, namely the BlueHDi 120 6-sp manual, BlueHDi 120 S&S 6-sp manual and BlueHDi 150 S&S 6-sp manual.

4x4 characteristics

For optimum driving in all conditions, including on extremely poor surfaces, Automobiles Dangel proposes two ride heights (depending on the customer's needs), one targeting road / all-weather use and the other with a higher ride height (60 mm more at the front compared with the basic version of the New Jumpy).

* BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6: 2 years – 30,000 km

Disengageable 4x4 transmission

The New Jumpy 4x4 models converted by Automobiles Dangel provide the best four-wheel-drive adaptation abilities for alternative use on and off road.

The versatility in use of the vehicle's "two-wheel/four-wheel drive" system conferred by the 4x4 equipment serves to:

  • safeguard the roadholding and intrinsic characteristics of the basis New Jumpy (two wheel drive);

  • provide clearance capacity and traction in extremely low grip situations, by shifting to 4x4 mode;

  • optimise fuel consumption and reduce tyre wear in "Eco 2 WD" position.

Rear differential lock

In addition to the versatility provided by the "4WD" position, for ultra-delicate driving situations, Automobiles Dangel proposes an optional rear differential lock function. Drivers engage the system using a thumb wheel on the dashboard to surmount obstacles or get out of a rut, notably in cross-axle positions.

Apart from the changes inherent to four-wheel drive, these versions are identical in all points to the corresponding two-wheel-drive versions. As such, the Dangel 4x4 PC and LCV variants will feature the same comfort, safety and practicality of the two-wheel-drive vehicles they are based on.

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