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CitroŽn Jumper/Relay

An advanced new CitroŽn Jumper (badged as Relay in the UK and Ireland) range makes its debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show on 6 February 2002. 
This new, improved model will replace the current, highly successful Relay range, which enjoyed its best-ever year in the UK in 2001, with sales up over 40% - helping the company become the UK’s third largest supplier of vehicles in the ultra-competitive up to 3.5 tonne gvw sector. 
Due on sale in the UK in the spring of 2002, the new Relay range will provide significant performance, driver comfort and safety benefits as well as class-leading standards of load handling ability.  The new UK Relay range will also offer a wider choice of advanced HDi common rail diesel engines and a greater choice of body and chassis configurations. 
Seven years after the debut of the original and highly successful model, Citroen is proud to present the new Jumper.
Featuring the Marque's latest technological innovations, the new model combines all the qualities of its predecessor with a host of additional functions designed to increase customer satisfaction. make its debut in 2002. 
The new structure of the Jumper range is designed to satisfy the
requirements of each professional trade. It comprises panel and  window vans, combi vans to transport people and platform cabs.  Other versions are pre-prepared for bodywork conversions : chassis cab, double cab, bare chassis and flatbed cab.
The range is structured around three total laden weights that give each model its trade name 29, 33 and 35 - for 2.9 tonnes, 3.3 tonnes and 3.5 tonnes respectively. There are four wheelbases and seven body styles.
The modern styling of the new Jumper reflects its many user benefits.  With its new driving position, soundproofing and ergonomic design, the cabin will satisfy the requirements of the most demanding professionals. 
The easy-access loading area offers useful volumes of between 7.5 m3 and 14 m3.

Two new engines make their appearance in the range: the 2.2 HDi (74 kW EEC/100 bhp DIN) and the 2.0i dual-fuel petrol/LPG, which will make its debut in 2002. The 2.8 HDi (93.5 kW EEC/127 bhp DIN) engine can be coupled with an automatic auto-adaptive gearbox.
An exceptional level of equipment sets the new Jumper apart from thecrowd. It is the only vehicle in the segment to offer such features as: 

  • a reversing radar,

  • an overtaking sensor with visual and audible signals,

  • a TV camera to monitor reversing manoeuvres from the navigation screen,

  • a seat with adjustable cushioning for enhanced driver comfort. 

A vehicle of impeccable road manners, the new Jumper features a range of safety-related options such as traction control, a passenger airbag and side airbags (available on the combi versions only).

The cabin of the new Jumper is designed to bring the driver maximum comfort and to provide valuable back-up during periods of intense activity. The layout has been completely revised to make it ergonomic and easy to use with a host of information systems.
The driving position: designed to suit

  • The new Jumper adapts to users of all shapes and sizes, with a

  • height-adjustable steering wheel as standard for enhanced ergonomic design

  • The seats are designed to offer maximum comfort and support

  • The driver's seat features an elbow-rest and a booster cushion, as well as lumbar support adjustment. The back of the new 2-seater bench features a large fold-down desk-top, equipped with a clamp that can be used to hold such items as a portable computer in place.

  • To further increase comfort, the driver's seat on the new Jumper is available with adjustable cushioning, of the type found on trucks. 

  • The controls are positioned for easy access. The gear shift, for example, falls easily to hand. The steering wheel may be fitted with fingertip audio commands as an option, enabling the driver to give the road his full attention. Optional cruise control further increases the

  • driving pleasure offered by the new Jumper on long journeys. 

Features to simplify life on board 

The new Jumper is equipped as standard with a dashboard desktop, together with a document clip. This enables the driver to keep all forms and other professional documents within easy reach.
The vehicle also features a host of highly accessible stowage compartments, including:

  • a lockable glove compartment,

  • a cubby under the central air vents to store, for example, a mobile 'phone,

  • an open compartment in the easy-access central console that can be used to store the professional documents required for day-to-day operations (plans and so on). A 12V connector is also provided on the right of this compartment.

The electronic instrument cluster supplies the driver with a full range of information. It serves as a tachometer, rev counter, engine water temperature indicator and fuel gauge. The instrument cluster also features a multifunction screen displaying the time, the distance covered and the oil level, together with information on maintenance. A double driver's chronometer/tachograph can be supplied on the central console as an option.

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