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1986 CitroŽn Entreprise Brochure

The Entreprise range of vehicles offered tax advantages in France - the 18,6% TVA (VAT) was recoverable by businesses whereas had the business bought the equivalent car, this tax would not have been recoverable.

The CitroŽn Entreprise is always at the front.  The CitroŽn range has reached maturity. 

Handy, easy to drive, the CitroŽn "Entreprise" will exceed your expectations.

They are practical, the front wheel drive layout frees up space and lowers the loading sill.

They are comfortable, combining utility with comfort, the "Enterprise" retains the charm and the comfort of the cars from which they are derived.

And finally, a note for your budget: the VAT of 18,6% is recoverable.

LNA Entreprise

Axel Entreprise

Visa Entreprise

GSA Spťcial Entreprise

BX Entreprise

CX Entreprise

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