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200 things for the car enthusiast to see and do

  • Places and events throughout the year and in every region

  • Where to see great cars on display

  • Easy to use, with practical information for each entry

  • Find 50 race circuits

  • Discover where to buy motoring art, books and parts

  • Enjoy your visits, with attractions for all the family


This book was originally published in 2015 and has been fully updated in 2017 and provides you with all you need to know to enjoy a visit to France with a motoring twist – when to go, how to get there, and where to find out more.  There are nearly a dozen new entries and other entries have been rewritten and extended.  There are 140 new images and the practical information data (opening hours, address, public transport services, GPS satnav co-ordinates, website, telephone number, email) has also been updated.

There is also an extract from the French chapter in the companion volume Driving In Europe.

Most years, the Marsh family either holidays in France or travels through France to a destination in another country.  As a committed CitroŽn enthusiast, this meant poring through guidebooks or latterly, searching the net for CitroŽn-related attractions to visit (or inflict on the other members of my family who are less than enthusiastic about looking at and talking about cars).  The trouble with the former approach is that all too often, the smaller motoring-related attractions are not listed and the latter approach presents too much, non-specific information.  And for those who do not speak the Language of Angels, the search results will be next to incomprehensible since few French websites are translated into English. 

Using a book might seem like a Luddite approach but in many ways, this makes much more sense than using the internet since access to the net can be a bit hit and miss in rural France.  However, those who are suspicious of old-fangled technology like books and maps can visit http://www.driveguide.guru where there is a wealth of extras including downloadable POI files for most satnavs; an events calendar; a list of automotive websites, and lots of other information.  Furthermore the guide is also available as an eBook and as a series of smartphone/tablet apps, with live links, zoomable maps and extra photo & video content.

So how does one set about reviewing a book like this?  It is certainly not the kind of book that one reads from cover to cover.  The approach I took was to look at museums and shows that I have visited and to see how easy it was to locate them and to read the entries and look at the pictures and see how they stack up with my recollections.  Given the limited space available for each attraction, I thought the results were excellent; in a few words and with a few colour photos, there is enough information to whet one’s appetite.

Helpfully, the book is divided, using colour coding at the top of each page, into geographical locations and thereafter, again using colour coding into Museums; Shows & Tours; Market Place; and Circuits.  Furthermore, at the beginning of each geographical section, there is a map showing the locations of each of the attractions mentioned.

To sum up then, this is an excellent book and every car enthusiast who visits France should buy a copy.


France: The Essential Guide For Car Enthusiasts
200 things for the car enthusiast to see and do




Julian Parish


Veloce Publishing Ltd.
Veloce House
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Paperback, 248 pages, 210 x 148 mm






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