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Citroën 1919 -1949 La belle époque

By Wouter Jansen

320 pages

Published January 2010
ISBN 978-2-35250-124-4


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The first thirty years of as if you were there!  

Wouter Jansen will be known to many enthusiasts as the editor of the Dutch CITROEXPERT magazine and publisher of numerous books about our favourite marque. 
This heavyweight tome contains hundreds of hitherto unpublished pictures from numerous enthusiasts’ collections as well as original publicity material.  But it goes far beyond being just a collection of pictures.  It is a social document, a photographic record of the way that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lived from the early years of the mass-produced motor car through to the immediate post war years.
The war years are covered in some depth as are Citroën’s overseas activities in Belgium and here in Britain and it also deals with the incredibly successful publicity machine that André Citroën created.  Every production model up to and including the 2CV is covered, as is the legendary 22CV Traction.
The text is in French but those of you who failed to pay attention in your French lessons should not let this put you off.  As a purely pictographic record, it is well worth purchasing and you ought to be able to decode the picture captions with the help of a dictionary.  

Strongly recommended.

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