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The Pre-War Years

CitroŽn pretty well defined automobile advertising during the twenties and thirties.

Above - French advertisement from 1919 for the Type A

Right - French advertisement from 1919 for the 10HP

Below left and below right - French advertisements for the 10HP from the early twenties

Above - skywriting, a technique developed in Britian by Major Savage was employed by CitroŽn in 1922

Above a poster (which was also used as a brochure cover) dating from 1935 for the 11CV Traction Avant.

Left, above and below from 1925 until 1935, the CitroŽn name adorned the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Above floating power - shock absorbing, flexible engine mountings reduced noise and vibration was fitted to the C4 and C6 from 1928 and to all subsequent models until 1935.

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