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SpaceTourer HYPHEN Concept vehicle:

CitroŽn turns up the volume!

Coinciding with the launch of the SpaceTourer, CitroŽn is joining forces with French pop group “HYPHEN HYPHEN” to unveil a bright, vibrant 4x4 concept: the SpaceTourer HYPHEN. Bursting with optimism and energy, amplifying the character of the production version, the SpaceTourer HYPHEN concept will be at the top of CitroŽn’s playlist at the Geneva Motor Show!

CitroŽn SpaceTourer HYPHEN has bright, breezy, go-anywhere looks, opening the way for unlimited travel. As its name suggests, it creates a link between families and friends, MPVs and SUVs, cities and wide open spaces… On board, anything is possible. Every family and every team can step on board and enjoy an adventure without limits. So it was only natural for CitroŽn to join forces with pop group HYPHEN HYPHEN as part of its communication. A, lively young group from Nice, nominated for the 2016 French music awards, HYPHEN HYPEN are becoming key figures on the electronic pop scene.

CitroŽn SpaceTourer HYPHEN concept vehicle brings to mind robustness and the great outdoors. The exterior styling exudes dynamism and energy, evoking freedom, leisure, and open-air activities at first sight. Open the sliding side door and passengers are instantly ushered into a dazzling world. A bright, invigorating atmosphere in which every colorful feature enhances well-being.

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