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An Expression of Citroën’s know how

With C-Airdream, a 2+2 coupé concept car, Citroën continues to explore the language of styling. Flowing lines, clean contours, sophisticated materials and stays of light take passengers on a journey through the senses.

A harmony of slender proportions and fluid lines with an underlying promise of power, C-Airdream expresses Citroën's vision of sporting coupé design.

The contemporary edge of Citroën's design values can also be seen in the interior of C-Airdream. Sculptured lines, contrasting colours, noble materials and plays of light create a harmonious whole with immediate appeal.

C-Airdream also explores a new avenue in technology: electrical control systems.

A coupé of character

The exterior styling of C-Airdream owes its strength as much to its slender proportions combining a long wheelbase and long front overhang with a short rear overhang - as to the performance and fluidity of its external design lines.

The front end immediately catches the attention with its suggestion of latent power. Positioned either side of the radiator grill and chevron, the slim, directional headlamps are a perfect design fit with the smooth bonnet. The attention to detail, visible in the design of the wheels for example, also contributes to the allure of the coupé, by accentuating its class and elegance.

The profile of C-Airdream expresses the pursuit of optimal aerodynamic design. The receding lines converging towards the rear of the vehicle suggest movement and fluidity, bringing the promise of new sensations. Clearly, this is a car that interacts with the road in a unique way. The waist line - slightly curved towards the rear and the prominent wings, suggest stability and good roadholding.

Continuing the taut lines of the bonnet, the generous, strongly raked windscreen gives way - without a break - to the smooth curves of the roof. The fully glazed top part of the vehicle frees up the visual field of the occupants to create a strong impression of space and light: an impression unique in a coupé.

The roof line ends with a sharply sloping rear window: a perfect fit between the geometric shapes of the rear lights and the fluid lines of the coupé.

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