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CitroŽn at the Salon de GenŤve 2008

At the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, open to the public between 6 and 16 March, CitroŽn is unveiling two new models: the C5 Tourer and the New Berlingo. The C5 Tourer is a variation on the new C5, combining style, space, functional design and performance, while the New Berlingo is an ultra-functional family car. The arrival of these two new body styles – fully  representative of CitroŽn's rich, up-to-the-minute range – once more illustrates CitroŽn's vitality.  

CitroŽn is also displaying the new C5 saloon, recently unveiled and scheduled to make its market debut in the very near future. Also on show are the Nemo Combi in an XTR version, and the C4 WRC, the champions' car in the 2007 World Rally Championship. 

The focus on CitroŽn styling, already illustrated by the two world firsts, gains further emphasis with the presence of the Nemo Concetto concept car, inspired by the Disney character.   

CitroŽn will also be drawing attention to its active environmental stance, with a range of models carrying the Airdream signature. It is also presenting C-Cactus, an essential, economic concept car emitting less than 80g/km of CO2.  

The public will also be able to see the restyled C3 Pluriel and two demonstration vehicles: "Hybrid HDi" and "Particulate Filter". 

The range on offer thus aims to satisfy an increasingly broad customer base with well targeted products that are designed to satisfy a full range of expectations.

C1 right

World first of the C5 Tourer: a vehicle of distinction 

Combining appeal, performance, prestige and quality, the C5 saloon and C5 Tourer have all the qualities necessary to establish a strong position among the leaders in the upper-mid range vehicle segment.

Scheduled to arrive on the market in spring 2008, the C5 Tourer illustrates the Marque's vitality and innovative talent. It will join CitroŽn's richest and most modern range ever. 

Dynamic, elegant styling with distinctive character. Reflecting the sculpted design of the saloon, the new C5 Tourer boasts elegant and dynamic styling, with a front end identical to that of the saloon and a rear end of powerful appearance. The flowing profile expresses a perfect balance. The body style of the Tourer meets the challenge of combining style and space, performance and functionality. 

A driving position focused on the driver. The carefully designed driving position is dedicated to the driver. Like the instrument cluster, it is largely inspired by the aerospace industry. Its design confirms the impression of performance and vitality given by the exterior styling of the new C5 vehicles. 

The ergonomic driving controls, illustrated by a new-generation fixed-centred controls steering wheel and driving aids, such as the lane departure warning system and Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, also make a real contribution to comfort. 

Seating comfort is tailored to suit a wide range of requirements with optimum postural support. The front seats are available with two innovative functions: an electrically controlled upper backrest, and a massage function on the driver's seat. 

First-class travel. The pleasure of driving or being driven takes on a whole new dimension. Particular attention was devoted to acoustic and vibration comfort for a high-quality result.  

The new C5 vehicles boast a remarkably spacious cabin. The wheelbase is 65 mm longer than previously, setting high standards in comfort for the occupants at both front and rear. At the same time, the tailgate of the C5 Tourer is a particularly satisfying alternative for customers who place the emphasis on load volume. 

Impeccable road manners. the new C5 vehicles gain the high-performance running gear of the C6, designed to soak up any bumps or dips in the road surface. They also feature a choice of suspension systems. Customers can choose between the Hydractive 3+ suspension, placing the emphasis on comfort and ride, and a metallic suspension system for a more direct road feel that nevertheless maintains the comfort that is a hallmark of CitroŽn expertise. 

High-level safety. The body structure and running gear feature the advanced characteristics of the C6 platform, which is a benchmark for safety. The equipment available on the new C5 vehicles – with up to nine airbags, of which seven are standard – sets the highest standards in active and passive safety. 

Focus on quality. The new C5 vehicles hold several aces in perceived quality and quality-in-use. As part of the approval procedure, the vehicles will have covered five million kilometres in road tests prior to its market debut.

New Berlingo: the comfort of a saloon and the practicality of an MPV 

With the Berlingo, CitroŽn started a new trend in vehicles. The Berlingo has been the clear leader in the leisure activity vehicle segment in Europe (17 countries) since 2003. CitroŽn has sold more than 1,000,000 Berlingos worldwide since its launch in 1996. 

The New Berlingo will go on sale in second-half 2008. It will be sold alongside the current Berlingo model. The current model will be available in some countries as an entry-level offering called “Berlingo First”. This strategy will enable the Marque to better meet the highly diverse needs of its customers. 

Adapting to all situations, the Berlingo meets growing customer demand for freedom and versatility in use. 

The New Berlingo retains the ultra-functional, family-friendly character of the original and strengthens its personality with dynamic, upmarket styling that also identifies it immediately as a CitroŽn.  It features saloon-like levels of comfort – for acoustics in particular – and MPV-style practicality (tailgate with opening window, three independent removable seats in row two, a redesigned Modutopģ and an overhead storage rack). It also boasts impeccable road manners. 

And with its 110 bhp HDi diesel engine fitted with a particulate filter (DPFS), the New Berlingo carries the Airdream environmental signature given to the greenest models in the range. 

The New Berlingo also takes care of its passengers with a range of comfort and driveability features including hill start assist, a height- and reach-adjustable steering wheel, the running gear of the C4 Picasso and ESP. The New Berlingo is modern and stylish, with looks that convey a strong impression of performance and strength.

C3 Pluriel: an open-air saloon of enhanced appeal and performance

Encouraged by the commercial success of its supermini range, which also comprises the C1, C2 and C3, CitroŽn is restyling the C3 Pluriel, its open-air saloon. The emphasis is very much on performance, sophistication and driveability.

The C3 Pluriel gains exterior and interior styling upgrades that show off the modern, easily recognisable lines to greater advantage and underline the sophisticated looks of the cabin. 

Dynamic, prestige styling. The C3 Pluriel places the emphasis on appeal with styling upgrades that reflect its dynamic positioning.

The C3 Pluriel gains larger restyled chevrons in the centre of the radiator grille, clearly identifying it as a member of the CitroŽn family. The chevrons create a link between the new headlamps, which gain a "smoky" look with a new darker shade of orange for the indicators. The modernised light units fit perfectly with the front end of the saloon, underlining its lively, vibrant looks. The dynamic character of the C3 Pluriel can also be seen in the new dark grey painted bumper grille, fitted on all levels of trim.

Echoing the front end, the chevrons are also bigger at the rear end of the vehicle. At the same time, the colour of the rear light trim changes from aluminium grey to black. 

An updated cabin for enhanced onboard comfort. The upgrades made to the cabin of the C3 Pluriel reflect the changes in exterior styling. They underline the vehicle's sophisticated, meticulous looks and create a pleasant ambience on board.

All versions of the C3 Pluriel now have the same black interior design, which shows off the cabin to its best advantage.  

Similarly, C3 Pluriel gains a polished chrome trim on the door handles, the air vent surrounds and the gear lever. 

The C3 Pluriel comes with a range of different trims and interior ambiences, depending on the country. One option features "warp and weft" fabric for leisure use, while another includes leather, to give the cabin an elegant, comfortable look.

Nemo Combi: A compact, generous and convenient leisure-activity vehicle that is at ease anywhere 

Nemo Combi is an innovative vehicle, with modern, friendly and dynamic styling. Compact outside and spacious inside, it is functional, robust and economical, with a range of features designed to ensure the comfort of all five passengers.

For even greater versatility and a stronger focus on leisure, Nemo Combi is also available in an XTR version.

Compact exterior dimensions and optimised living space 

The main features of Nemo Combi, a new arrival in the family of leisure activity vehicles, are: 

  • compact exterior dimensions. Just 3.96 m and easy to handle, it is particularly at ease in the city;

  • an ingenious design, fitting a wide range of features into a compact space, with two seats at the front and three generous seats at the rear, with a sizeable boot (356 litres under the parcel shelf, 884 litres up to the back of the front seat when the rear bench is tumbled forward).


A wide range of features for efficiency and passenger comfort 

Nemo Combi was developed to satisfy its users, with features including: 

  • remarkably easy access, particularly to the rear, with one or two large sliding side doors; 

  • a modular design for versatility; 

  • a full range of equipment in the areas of comfort, driving aids and safety; 

  • economy-in-use, with a limited maintenance plan and proven engines combining low fuel consumption and limited emissions (4.6 l/100 km and 123 g of CO2 per km for the HDi version).

Nemo Concetto: meet Nemo

CitroŽn is displaying Nemo Concetto, a concept car based on Nemo, a compact, practical and ingenious vehicle well-suited to this kind of exercise.

Nemo Concetto, a nod to Disney’s diminutive hero with its orange and white colour scheme, perfectly illustrates Nemo's values as well as underlining the many possibilities offered by this vehicle in terms of customisation. 

With its irresistible personality and physiognomy, Nemo Concetto illustrates the close ties between CitroŽn Nemo and its movie-star namesake. 

CitroŽn worked hand-in-hand with Disney on the project, each contributing its special know-how.  This partnership has resulted in a car that combines the creativity and innovation of Disney with the entertaining, underwater world of the film, while respecting the exacting requirements of the automotive industry. 

Nemo Concetto is yet another example of CitroŽn’s knack for designing vehicles with real personality. Vehicles that match the lifestyles of their owners and adjust to their environment… like a fish to water! 

CitroŽn is displaying its current range at Geneva

Above C-Crosser
Below C2
Bottom left and bottom right C4

C-Cactus: a new take on the essential, ecological car

The C-Cactus concept car reflects an ingenious approach to vehicle design. The Marque's ambitious aim is to market an ecological hatchback with cheerful, attractive styling, equipped  with a hybrid HDi drivetrain and sold at the same price as an entry-level C4.

To square this complex equation, CitroŽn is exploring new forms of design. It has decided to abandon features that are not essential to comfort and safety and to focus instead on technology, styling and equipment that are positive, ecological and valued by users. 

C-Cactus is an ecological car. It includes a significant proportion of recycled or recyclable materials and, like the plant it is named after, it is low on consumption. Weighing just 1,180 kg and featuring a hybrid HDi drivetrain, C-Cactus consumes 2.9 l/100 km for CO2 emissions of 78 g/km.

Its low production cost can be attributed to the use of new materials and to a rational design process using a smaller number of parts. The cabin is made up of just over 200 parts, i.e. almost half the number used by a conventional hatchback of identical size.

Above C4 Picasso
Below C6
Above C4 Grand Picasso
Below C8
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