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Teilhol Tangara

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In 1987, production of the Mťhari ceased and Raoul Teilhol, owner of ACL, the company that had built Renault's Mťhari competitor, the Rodťo, decided to replace the Mťhari with an updated version using composite fiberglass bolt-on materials with pre-dyed colours; all both easily replaceable and inexpensive.

In March 1987, at the Geneva Motor Show, he presented the Tangara. Raoul Teilhol's intention was to produce a car with an attractive shape which would appeal to an eclectic clientele: hunters, military, sports, youth.

Based on the trusted mechanicals of the 2CV6, it had many advantages in its favour: mechanical simplicity, low consumption and easy maintenance. As for the bodywork, it was rustproof being made of polyester. CitroŽn agreed to supply mechanical components.

The Tangara 3CV

  • The little hard-top is easily removable and fits under the front cover;
  • the rear can be covered with optional removable tarp poles;
  • a folding soft top at the front;
  • rear side curtains or;
  • a removable hard top in polyester with or without side windows.
  • an optional removable "luxury" reclining seat with headrest;
  • optional two tonebodywork.

1987 ended with a production of 2000 cars, including 400 for the French Army.

In 1988, Citroen Raoul Theilhol provided a new chassis, based on the AX, fitted with two types of bodies:

  • Theva, marketed in 1988
  • Tangara AX presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1990.

A four wheel drive version was built too.

But 1990 was a difficult year, the banks refused to provide finance and on March 21, Raoul Teilhol was forced to cease operations and the company was placed in liquidation and taken over by the CCA (Carrosserie et Composites d'Auvergne).

72 employees became shareholders.

CCA ceased trading in 1993 and a new company took over the business.

Composit Auvergne still produces and sells automobile parts for the Teilhol Tangara.

Approximately 1400 2CV-based Tangaras were built including 47 4x4 vehicles.

An additional 151 AX-based car were built between 1988 and 1990.

Special thanks to Thierry Gaudin for the photographs.
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