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CitroŽn Picasso

1999 - 2010 (Xsara Picasso)

2006 - to date (C4 Grand Picasso)

2007 - to date (C4 Picasso)

2009 - to date (C3 Picasso)

Launch details

Interactive computer sales aid


2000 pre-launch UK brochure

Road test


2000 UK brochure

2010 UK brochure

2006 Dutch brochure

Chinese Picasso restyle

Argentine Picasso restyle

Brazilian Picasso restyle

Pack Look Off-Road - Safari

C4 Picasso five seat

Grand C4 Picasso

C3 Picasso

2010 British C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso brochure

Adieu to Xsara Picasso