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Citroën 10 HP Type A

1919 - 1922

The Type A was the first car produced by André Citroën and production commenced in 1919.

The Type A was the first mass produced European car.

The Type A was available in two different chassis lengths and a number of different bodystyles:
Torpédo 4 places (pictured above), Torpédo 3 places, Conduite Interieure 3 places, Conduite Interieure 3 places and Coupé de Ville.

In 1921, a new 3 model range appeared with the 10 HP Type A Standard and the 10 HP Type A Luxe both sharing the mechanical specification of the the preceding model and the new 10 HP Type A Spécial (Torpédo Sport Spécial).

10 HP Type A, Type A Standard and Type A Luxe

10 HP Type A Spécial

Number of cylinders


Cubic capacity

1 327cm3

1 452cm3

Bore and stroke

65 x 100mm

68 x 100

Power output

18 bhp @ 2 100 rpm

22 bhp @ 2 100 rpm


Rear wheel drive via 3 speed gearbox


Foot operated drum on transmission shaft and hand operated on rear wheels


Front : single quarter eliptical springs
Rear : twin quarter elliptical springs


Worm and roller

Top speed

65 - 68 kph depending on body

75 kph

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