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CitroŽn Traction Avant 7CV

The Traction was shown to an astonished public at the Paris Salon on 18 April 1934 and remained in production until 1957, at which point it was still in advance of most of its contemporaries in most areas apart from styling.

The development costs of the Traction bankrupted the company and it was taken over by its largest creditor, Michelin, who would remain in control until the mid seventies.

The Traction offered unparallelled levels of comfort, handling and roadholding compared with its contemporaries.

The 7B was replaced by the 7C halfway through 1935.  Fitted with a new 1 628cm3 engine developing 36 bhp and telescopic as opposed to friction dampers, it was available in berline, faux cabriolet and cabriolet body styles.

The 7 Sport was replaced by the 11 LťgŤre.

The 7A was available as a 4 door berline only, the 7B and 7 Sport were also available as a faux cabriolet and roadster.

The 7C became the 7C Economique in 1939 and was so-named because it was 10% more economical than its predecessor thanks to changes in carburation.

The front wheel drive layout with the gearbox mounted ahead of the engine resulted in a flat floor without a transmission tunnel - and without a floor-mounted gear lever. Instead the gearlever protruded through the dashboard.

Above and below the Traction was shown at dealers throughout France

Left the first model launched was the 7A Berline, fitted with a 32 bhp 1,3 litre engine, quickly followed by the more powerful 7B with a 1,5 litre engine developing 35 bhp and the 46 bhp 1,9 litre 7 Sport (actually an 11CV).