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Kholari Concept


Monholo Oumar was born in 1986 in Abidjan (CŰte d'Ivoire) and arrived in France at the age of 15 years.
He is passionate about automobiles and aeronautics and from a young age, liked to draw cars. He therefore naturally gravitated to training in drawing and graphics while at school and then he entered the ISD (International School of Design)- a French grande ťcole of design management in Valenciennes where he specialised in the design of vehicles. He graduated in 2013.
He then spent more than 2 years as a designer / animation designer (personalization & special series) in Style & Design where he perfected his techniques.
He plans to become a freelance in the customisation of vehicles and design of car accessories in addition to illustration work and post-production retouching  which is where his heart lies.


The Cactus Concept, Aircross Concept and of course C-Aircross Concept have all given a new look to chevron-branded vehicles. Combining not only fun, leisure, good humour, and conviviality but also pleasure of travel, CitroŽn proposes a new approach to the automobile.
On the strength of this observation and the announcement of the PSA Groupe’s intention to acquire new blood in the coming years, Monholo Oumar, accompanied by some friends from ISD Rubika de Valenciennes, worked on the creation and development of a CitroŽn Pick up inspired by the Aircross concept car introduced in 2015.

Here is the Kholari Concept.

The look is modern but also playful; the design is sporting by virtue of a low cabin that benefits the aerodynamics.

The Kholari pick-up has real presence thanks to the imposing front end and the strongly defined wheel arches that house large wheels that are imagined in 21 or 22 inches. The load area is intended more for the transport of a surfboard, trekking bags or an ATV than bags of cement or buckets and boards. The rear end is also dynamic with an imposing rear diffuser skirt, two rear swing doors and lights that are a mix of those of the Mini Clubman 2017 and the 3D lights that we know from both the DS 3 and the New c-Aircross Concept. On each side of the rear doors there will be two tie-down rings which will be used to hold the material transported.

C4 Cactus roof bars, side cushions, Airbump side skirts, mirror cameras and large 5-double-spoke wheels in a "flower petal" style with specific Michelin tyres complete the seductive design of this pickup truck.

As you will have noticed, the styling does not follow the current double cabin trend but has a Single Cab and thanks to the width of the vehiclethe cabin will offer three seats as featured in the Matra Simca Bagheera.

In the cockpit you can imagine a contemporary, simple, sober but properly equipped dashboard. Oumar suggests that the dashboard and the instrumental panel of the new C3 with some additional accessories, fashion colours, a navigation system, gradient and tilt control using resistant but easy to maintain materials would suffice.

Oumar would like to see the chevron brand offer such a vehicle but it seems that PSA Groupe has decided that pickups will exclusively wear the Peugeot badge.

Editorial comment: I hope that PSA Groupe offer young and innovative designers like Oumar work.

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