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Citroën AutoPC


Available with the Citroën Xsara and C5, the AutoPC is an onboard computer running under the Windows CE 2.0 environment. The system comprises a backlit LCD colour screen, a built-in central unit, automatic controls on the steering wheel and a voice interface (microphone/speakers).


The personal assistant developed by Clarion includes ScanSoft's speaker-independent, text-to-speech software. This makes it possible to use voice control for all the functions of the AutoPC: activating and de-activating the navigation system; adjusting the radio volume; making a 'phone call; and so on.

Manual controls on the steering wheel provide a fast interface to change the settings of the radio station, audio CD and voice recognition.

The central unit is a true console. It is used to directly program the address book; look for a destination; load new software accepted by the Windows CE 2.0 environment; and save data on a compact Flash card.


The GPS navigation system offers step-by-step guidance. The directional icons and other navigation data are displayed on screen. When a destination is entered or selected, the AutoPC automatically calculates the route and annouces the manoeuvres to be performed. Other functions let the driver calculate the route up to the nearest service station, hospital or airport, etc.

Thanks to the special offer put together by Citroën and Orange, the driver's mobile 'phone will automatically be recognised by the vehicle. This means that AutoPC's GSM system takes over automatically. The driver can dial telephone numbers and manage incoming calls by voice control. The application also works in relation with the address book. A "hands free" function lets the user make and receive 'phone calls from the car in complete safety.

The address book stores postal and email addresses, as well as telephone, fax, GSM and persoanl pager numbers. Digit-by-digit dialling is voice-controlled; as are the functions for selecting a contact or requesting local services.

The AutoPC features an FM/AM RDS radio tuner and a six CD stacker. It can receive the RDS signals broadcast by many European stations. The CD-ROM drive has two uses. It can be used not only to listen to music CDs but also to read data discs, such as digital maps for navigation purposes. The user can select FM or AM, scan the radio frequencies or select a CD by voice control.

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