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Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre
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Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre
Caveat - I have reproduced the press release verbatim and have made no attempt to tidy up the English since I do not speak Chinese and actually have no idea what the author means...

Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre Notchback

The China premiere Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre notchback, an urban saloon features stylish, quality and leading technology, soon be released in the same pace around world. It sits same platform with C-Quatre hatchback and sharing same ample high-tech, stable protection and elaborate driveability. Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre notchback is a new member of Citroen’s “ C4 family”; C4, C4 Coupť and C4 Picasso have already outpassed 1,000,000 sales worldwide. This successful family of CitroŽn is now produced in Europe, China and South America.

“The prettiest hatchback” C-Quatre hatchback shadows the profile of C-Quatre notchback with exploration of appealing of beauty and exquisite, which deliveries cleanly drawn body profile and well-muscled tail, where the statement of CitroŽn latest design has been revealed through. Foggy headlamps attribute astuteness and movement yet assorted taillights gave remarkable finishing touch. Dongfeng CitroŽn distinctive design will attact the new gereration of buyers.

Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre notchback features a series of innovative technologies: unique fixed-centred control steering wheel, translucent instrument cluster captured the light perfectly and be able to adjust instantly to the light to provide perfect legibility in all circumstances, cruise control and speed limiter combine together to guarantee the comfortable and agility driving experience. Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre notchback also upgrades in aspects of automatic gearbox system, dual-zone air conditioning, and electric seating with self-regulating function around waist for front driver, standard MP3 and optional sunroof to bring more fun and pleasure to user.

Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre notchback is available in two displacements (1.6L and 2.0L), 3 grades (trendy, comfort and deluxe) and 10 models. This lineup absorbs the essences of WRC racing car, carrying over same chassis and suspension system which have been tested in terms of driveability and stable performance through WRC. Meanwhile, C-Quatre notchback safety has been strengthened through capsule design, glass-reinforced plastic-made energy absorber fender, reverse sensor and Bosch ABS, AFU and four airbag and 2 air curtain (for the third grade only).

Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre notchback is the high-quality saloon designed for those seeking passion and high-quality society backbone, who also characteristics responsibility, strong personality. C-Quatre notchback has promised to bring dynamic, innovative, elaborate driveability and safety yet comfort to help user with their exciting life.

Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre Dongfeng CitroŽn C-Quatre

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